10 Benefits of Walnuts

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Our life is strangled with the junk foods all around us. This continuous dwelling on junk foods & our lazy lifestyle has been the major source of diseases and illness. We cannot change our lifestyle suddenly and completely but what we can do is avoiding junk foods and start consuming healthy foods.

Nuts are the best example of perfect foods as they pack a variety of goodness in small packets. These make the most healthy and convenient snacks. Walnuts are considered the king of all the nuts because it contains fibers, proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and many more.

Because of all the good things, it holds there are many good effects of it on our body and health. So, the time is here to start consuming walnuts. However, there are many online stores including bigbasket which have many bigbasketoffers where you can order your pack of walnuts online and avail best prices under discounts.

Here are top ten effects of consuming walnuts on the daily basis.

  1. Weight Loss:

According to the latest survey, there are about 775 million people all over the world who are obese and there are around 900 million people who are overweight. While there are many people who are trying to decrease their weight and become healthy. For those people, walnut is like a blessing as it reduces your weight by decreasing your fat percentage.

The Omega-3 contained in walnuts saves you from obesity and the fiber and protein present in it keep you less hungry all the day. Walnuts also increase your metabolism because of ellagic acid, manganese, and copper present in it.

  1. Boost Brain:

To boost brain function and memory, consuming walnuts are the best work you can do without any effort. Omega-3 present in it boosts brain health while Vitamin E, Melatonin and folate are best to increase brain functioning. On the other hand, walnuts are a major source of antioxidants, which reduces the chance of Alzheimer and cognitive decline due to increasing age.

  1. Heart Protection:

Walnuts reduce bad cholesterol in our body, which plays a major role in keeping a hearty healthy and prepared for the long run. However, it also reduces harming heart rhythms that can cause heart attacks after some time and this is done with the help of Omega 3. Not only heart, walnuts also increases the health of arteries and reducing the chances of blood clotting.

  1. Treatment of Diabetes:

According to many researches done on patients, it has been observed that fasting insulin in a body can be reduced by just consuming 30 grams of walnuts. Walnuts have also been observed to work best in lowering glucose level from the blood. Another research shows that women who consume walnuts are less prone to type 3 diabetes as compared to other women.

  1. Fertility:

As we know that walnuts are a major source of naturally occurring Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids also increase sperm count and health, which in turn make them, mature enough and help them to work properly. Azoospermia is a disease in which sperm count is decreased and this causes male infertility. Consuming walnuts can prevent it thus increasing fertility.

  1. Hair Growth:

When it comes to the health of the hair, then what you consume also matters rather than what you apply to your hairs. Walnuts are a very good source of protein that makes then best hair friendly supplement. Protein is what hairs are made of and these types of food give health and flexibility to our hairs. It also provides Selenium, whose lack can cause excessive hair loss and causing many scalp related problems.

Apart from proteins, walnuts also contain Omega 3 and Vitamin B, which nourishes your hair from tip to the root. This overall nourishment reduces hair loss and prevents dandruff, baldhead, and many more problems.

  1. Healthy Skin:

Omega 3 is best known for reducing inflammation. This quality can help prevent inflammation on your skin. The nutrients and minerals along with the fats present in the walnuts can reduce dryness of the skin by trapping moistures from the air.

The antioxidants present in it will prevent the signs of aging and the protein it contains helps to remove formation of scar while increasing the rate of wound healing.

  1. Pregnancy:

Walnuts not only help you conceive a baby by increasing male fertility but also is very good for women and the child if consumed while pregnancy. Omega 3 fatty acids and protein present in it helps the overall development of the newborn. They also contain copper, which increases fetus development whereas fiber present in it helps in weight management during pregnancy.

  1. Better Digestion:

Prebiotic is responsible for the digestion; it means more the quantity of probiotics the better the digestion would be. Consuming walnuts increases the good bacteria present in our gut, which further acts as prebiotics. Walnuts not only increases bacteria but it also contains fiber and proteins that are proven to be good and best digestive aids.

  1. Prostate health:

Walnuts have earned their position through numerous amount of research in preventing prostate cancer or its anti-prostate cancer result. We know that walnuts can decrease cholesterol which in turn makes the cancer cells deprived of them. This ensures the slow growth of can cancer cells and makes the treatment of cancer easier. Consuming walnuts can reduce insulin-like growth factor-1, which is directly linked to the growth of cells causing prostate cancer.

There are many tumor suppressors also like Adiponectin and PSP94, which are increased by the intake of Walnuts.


So, these might have been the most propriate pump-ups for you to start natural consumption with your everyday meals. Adding some walnuts to your diet will work like magic right from the time it mixes with your saliva. No kidding! Walnuts can be one example that healthy things can be tasty too. Don’t just hog on to those “yummy on tongue but gummy in the tummy” kind of food. Rather, indulge and innovate with these delicious yet healthy constituents in your diet. Work upon it, see the results!