10 Homemade Foot Scrubs For Your Feet Pampering This Monsoon

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Going for a pedicure this monsoon is nothing but wastage of money as your feet are sure to get dirty all over again. We always vote for doing a small pedicure session at the comfort of your own home for which we already have a post. But even if you don’t have enough time to go for a complete pedicure session, then make sure to scrub your feet and then apply a foot cream for a good pampering session. And if you love homemade products like me, then why not make your own homemade foot scrub? Scroll down to know our 10 Homemade foot scrubs which we love <3

10 Homemade Foot Scrubs For Your Feet Pampering This Monsoon


Green Tea And Rose Water: Green Tea is loaded with antioxidant properties that help to prevent any sort of fungal infection on your feet and rose water helps to soothe and hydrate your feet. Mix 1 teaspoon of crushed green tea leaf and mix a few drops of Rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply it all over your feet and massage well.


Brown Sugar And Olive Oil: Brown sugar and Olive Oil is one of the most famous and effective foot scrubs on this planet. The carbon content in brown sugar helps to take out dirt from the core of the skin and olive oil moisturises skin like no one’s business.

Red Lentils And Coconut Oil: Ren lentils is loaded with protein that helps to repair the skin of your feet. Coconut helps to make the skin even and smooth. Mixing red lentil paste with coconut oil will soften the skin of the feet and make it beautiful too.


Mint and Tea Tree: Both Mint and Tea Tree are excellent refreshing agents that help to make the skin fresh and beautiful. Tea tree oil also has antibacterial properties that help to control any sort of bacterial or fungal infections. Your feet are fresh and fab now!


Sea Salt And Glycerine: This is perhaps one of the simplest recipes for making a homemade foot scrub. Mix common sea salt with a few drops of glycerine to make smooth without drying them out.

Lemon Juice and Tea: Take normal tea leaves and crush them. Add lemon juice to make a thick paste and apply to the feet. This will help to de-tan skin and make it beautiful and even-toned.

Coconut And Salt Scrub: Coconut paste, when mixed with salt, makes the perfect skin whitening foot scrub as salt will exfoliate the skin while coconut paste with its skin lightening properties will make skin look soft and fairer.


Oats And Milk Scrub: Oats, when powdered using a grinder mixed with milk, can not only make a perfect breakfast recipe but also an amazing foot scrub. Oats have mild exfoliating properties that help to make skin beautiful and smooth while milk nourishes skin from within.



Camphor And Honey: If you are suffering from foot odour and nothing in the world is working for you, then mix camphor and honey and apply all over your feet. Other than exfoliating your feet, it will make your feet odourless and super nourished.


Rice Flour and Yoghurt: Rice flour is one of the traditional skin whitening scrubbing agent and if you want to get rid of tan, then mix rice flour and yoghurt and apply it all over the feet. Both are anti-tanning agents that help to make skin tan-free and even.

That’s all folks! Hope you have found the post helpful 🙂

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