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10 Superfoods To Get Flawless Skin

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Glowing skin is not always limited to parlours and expensive treatments. It can be achieved by some simple DIYs at your home and also by eating some good stuff. Our mothers always say if you eat good. you will look good and this is exactly the motto of this post – to introduce our readers to some amazing and healthy super foods that will not only help them to get flawless skin and hair but will also help them to be strong and beautiful from within. Yes, I am talking about Superfoods and their uses in our daily life. You will be amazed to read further how these simple ingredients from our kitchen and daily life help us to get that wellness and flawless skin that we always dream about. So scroll down!


10 Superfoods for Glowing Skin:

Olive Oil:


Other than being a simple cooking oil, this little baby has lot many properties that we are unaware of. Olive Oil is rich is Vitamin A and Vitamin E that help the skin to be young and supple. It also has fatty acids and anti-oxidant properties that help to control free radicals and enhance the glow of the skin. This oil also helps to control weight and is an extremely good makeup remover too! What else do you need?




Almond is another superfood that is in our everyday routine and we are blessed to have it! It contains various minerals and proteins that help to make brain stronger and memory sharper. It also has fatty acids and Vitamin E that help to make the skin glowing and soft. It also hydrates the skin and prevents skin from harmful sun rays. If consumed with milk, almonds can be extremely beneficial for overall health.




Turmeric is an essential “masala” in every Indian household. No Indian can imagine their life without this ingredient. But do you know what multi benefits this small ingredient has? Other than giving glow from inside, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory substance and anti-bacterial too that helps to heal wounds and cuts. This also acts in relieving stress and pain and provides a healing process from the core. No wonder we have “Haldi wala doodh” every night!


Green tea:


Green tea has innumerable benefits both for body, skin and even weight loss. This tea with its regular consumption helps to control belly fat and thereby weight. Also, this tea contains a huge amount of anti-oxidants that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles other than controlling free radicals in our body.


Amla or Indian Gooseberry:


This traditional food of Indians that is Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a treasure when it comes to the countdown of superfoods. It is rich in Vitamin C and is an essential part of every Indian’s skin acre regime. This superfood helps to control the process of ageing and also prevents dandruff. Regular consumption also helps to keep the body healthy due to high amounts of vitamins and minerals.




Avocado is a super food but it is not known to many Indians due to lack of availability in the Indian market. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which some good fats that help in a variety of ways. Avocado nourishes skin and hair other than making the body and eyes healthy. This fruit is an essential one to get a hydrated and glowing skin.




Broccoli is a new member of Indian households in their lunch menu. This green vegetable is a storehouse of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C that boosts collagen production, retain moisture of the skin and help the the skin to glow. This contains numerous minerals to make the person healthy from inside. Now we know why our mothers are so keen to feed us green vegetables, right?




Milk needs no introduction for anyone. This is a superfood that we have from our very childhood. Rich in calcium and vitamins, milk is an allrounder food. I know this won’t be a good choice for vegans but if you are not, then surely a glass of milk won’t hurt. Also, milk helps us getting good skin and soft, nourished hair. All-rounder superfood, right?




Honey is one of the essential superfoods that is there since ages. Be it for a cough and cold or for dry skin, honey has been there in our diet since the beginning. This superfood contains loads of vitamins and minerals that help to nourish the skin other than making the body immune to a variety of diseases like a cough and cold, fever, headaches etc. Do you know that even if you have diabetes, you can consume honey? Strange but true!


Aloe Vera:

aloe vera

Aloe Vera is called a miracle plant and it is rightly called so. This is an extremely beneficial ingredient for weight loss, diabetes, constipation, flawless skin, dandruff issues and so on! This miracle plant and one of the superfoods is rich in vitamins and a number of minerals that not only help to make skin better but also provides us with a healthy body. All benefits in one – Aloe Vera to be sure!


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