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17 Benefits And Disadvantages Of Drinking Warm/Hot Water Daily

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Water! Do I need to elaborate the amount of influence it has on our body? Water consists of 70% of our whole body and so it is no wonder that experts and our elders always tell us to consume more amount of water. Water can be consumed both hot and cold but hot water does something more than cold and simple water. Scroll down to know 17 Benefits And Disadvantages Of Drinking Warm/Hot Water Daily.


What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water?

There are a number fo benefits of drinking lukewarm water for our body which are listed 🙂

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water To Lose Weight:

weight loss

Yes! That plain and simple glass of hot water can help you to shed those extra kilos that are piling up because of loaded french fries. Warm water boosts metabolism level that helps you to lose weight with each passing day. If you want a sure shot weight loss solution without working out too much, then drink a glass of hot water every time you feel thirsty and you will definitely see a hell difference within some weeks itself.

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water For Skin:


Detoxifies The Body: Drinking a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach helps to detoxify your body and making it really toxin-free. You can add lemon and honey into it for that dash of flavour and some extra effect on your health.


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Cures Premature Ageing: Drinking hot water on a daily basis can help to cure the premature signs of ageing. It with smoothen out the ageing signs and will surely make it really firm and beautiful.


Treats Acne And Infections: Having a glass of warm water on a regular basis will help to treat skin infections and acne due to the increase in skin temperature. It will also make your skin less prone to future imperfections too!

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water For Hair:


Hair Growth: Drinking hot water on a regular basis can stimulate your hair follicles and help in hair growth to a major extent. It also cures hair loss issues which are again a big yay!


Dandruff: Dandruff is the result of a flaky and dry scalp. Drinking water, especially hot water can maintain the hydration level of the scalp and cure dandruff to a major extent possible.

Is It Good To Drink Hot Water Before Going To Bed?

And the simple answer is YES! Drinking hot/warm before going to bed is really beneficial for your health. It can help in a number of ways which are listed below. 🙂


Easy Bowel Movements: Drinking water before bedtime can make your bowel movement really easy. This is one of the best remedies for people with constipation issues and can relieve them of the pain they face every single morning.


Easy Digestion: Drinking hot water before bedtime can make the digestion process really easy and fuss free. It also quickens the process as it lets the organs secrete more enzymes. So whenever you have a heavy meal, make sure to drink 1-2 glasses of hot water before signing off to bed.


Cures Menstrual Cramps: If you are someone who have a bad period time, hot water can surely be your BFF. Drinking hot water before bed time can surely cure your menstrual cramps and make your period smoother.


Heals Throat Congestion: If you have cold, cough or throat infections and congestion, a glass of hot water can save your day. You can mix it with ginger to make the mixture even more effective.

Is It Better To Drink Hot Water Or Cold Water?


There are always two sides of the same coin. There are some cases where obviously drinking hot/warm water is more beneficial than plain and simple cold water. If you want to detoxify your body, you can surely place some ice cubes into a glass of water and drink it daily. Excessive hot water consumption can also create a number of problesms which we also have listed for you to compare and decide. Moreover, we should always the level of temperature of the water before consumption!

Disadvantages Of Drinking Hot Water:


More Contaminants: When drinking a glass of warm water, make sure that the water is really pure and is taken from a water purifier. Contaminants, especially from the tap can mix better with warm water than with cold water. So it can be really unhygienic and toxic to have water from rusted taps and pipes when you are consuming it.


Burns: Consuming warm water can burn your mouth and throat and can result in minor burns and redness. So drink only a lukewarm glass of water which is good for your health.


Injure Internal Organs: Drinking too much hot water can injure the internal linings of your organs and can even cause minor zits which are really painful.


Concentration Problem: Another thing that hot water damages are the level of concentration. Hot water can make your mind work in a different pattern that can surely affect the level of concentration in your work or studies.


Sleep Issues: If you have sleep disorders or suffer from Insomnia, then hot water can add on the problems. Too much hot water can disturb your sleep pattern which is again not good for your body.


Damage Kidneys: Drinking too much water and too warm water can damage your kidneys which is again one of the things you surely don’t want to happen.


Effect Blood Volumes: Drinking too much warm water can dilute the blood in the blood vessels which is really dangerous. So make sure to drink the apt amount of water and make sure it is not really hot!

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