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5 Amazing Shower Tricks To Keep Hair Healthy

Hello, ladies!

Taking a shower is surely one of the most relaxing experiences one can experience! But do you feel your hair out of the place everytime you come out of the bathroom? Dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair and you have tried every damn thing on this earth yet no results? Then perhaps you are bathing in a wrong way! 🙁 Below are 5 Amazing Shower Tricks To Keep Hair Healthy this monsoon. 🙂


5 Amazing Shower Tricks To Keep Hair Healthy:


Shampoo Right: Shampooing is surely important but you need to know a few facts before shampooing your hair.

Firstly, don’t shampoo the entire length of your hair. Just shampoo the roots and your scalp. This will prevent moisture from oozing out of your tresses and will give your smooth and clean hair.

Secondly, don’t shampoo too often. Twice a week is good enough for your hair and if you feel your hair is greasy and dry, make it thrice a week.

Use a shampoo that is paraben and SLS free which won’t harm your hair. Always try to use herbal products that have natural goodness in it and avoid chemicals as far as possible.


Water Temperature: Water temperature is one of the most important factors that we should keep in mind while we are taking a shower.

Always bath in lukewarm water– neither too cold nor too hot.

Keep your showers small and compact as excessive water can rip off your hair’s moisture level.

Make sure to use only Soft water for your hair. If the water is hard at your place, you can use purified water for your hair wash.

Brush Properly: Brushing your hair is the next big thing that you should keep in mind.

Don’t brush/comb wet hair. Make sure your hair is at least 70-80% dry before combing it.

Use a detangler brush/ wide tooth comb to detangle your hair as this will prevent hair breakage.

Before combing your hair, don’t forget to apply a hair serum.


Condition Right: Conditioning hair is one of the major aspects that need your attention.

Though conditioning is essential, don’t put too much of an amount to your hair as it can make your hair greasy.

Apply conditioners only on the ends of your hair and not on the roots of your hair.

Make sure to apply a conditioner free from parabens and SLS for best results.


Pat Dry: The way you dry your hair can also have its own impact on the quality of your hair.

Always pat dry your hair and never rub your hair under any circumstances.

Try to use as less hair dryer as possible so that your hair comes in less contact with external heat.

Don’t wrap your hair in a towel. If you wish to wrap, do it in a cotton cloth.

That’s all, folks!