5 Fall Skincare Tips You Must Read

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With the change in the season, the skin tends to react to the same skincare products differently. Using the same products and following the same routine may not be a good idea.

As soon as fall begins, the skin tends to go dry and dehydrated. The dry wind leaves the skin patchy at times. And, using skincare products that control oil further dries out the skin. As a result, the skin tone gets affected and the skin begins to appear dull and tired.

If you want your skin to stay healthy and supple during this season, follow these quick and simple skincare tips:

Treat the Skin with Serums
As we just discussed how important hydration becomes in fall, serums help keeping the skin well-hydrated and supple. Serums are extremely thin in consistency and they easily go deep into the layers of the skin and resolve skin problems effectively. Get your hands on a hydrating serum and apply it before going to bed. Your skin will be super soft and free from dry patches when you wake up in the morning.

Drink More Water Daily
In summers, we naturally take more care of our water intake. However, we get reluctant in rest of the seasons. The skin needs more hydration in such a dry weather and therefore, increasing your water intake becomes inevitable. Keep a water bottle with you and finish it at least two to three times on a daily basis.

Use a thicker Moisturizer
Using thicker creamy formula is always better in dry weather. The cream-based moisturizer stays longer on the skin and keeps it properly moisturized for hours. However, make sure your moisturizer is non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. Apply it at least three times a day and after every time you wash your face.

Gentle Exfoliation
No matter what season it is, exfoliation is essential for keeping the pores clean and dead skin cells at bay. However, since the skin begins to feel dry and sensitive in this season, use a gentle exfoliator instead. Also, do not over-exfoliate the skin. Just use it once every week to get rid of the dry patches, dead cells and dirt on the skin. Check out this post for getting your hands on the finest exfoliator for this season.

Use Hydrating Masks
Instead of using clay masks that leave the skin dry, use more hydrating masks in fall. Sheet masks are a great way to lock moisture into the skin and smooth it out. It also helps you get rid of all the dry patches that accumulate on the skin in fall.

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