5 Fitness Tips You Can Follow While You’re On The Toilet

Hi, peeps!

We can all agree that using a good toilet for those occasional long calls and exercising are two things one can’t do right?

You will be surprised that there is a way to spruce up your fitness program with these simple tips you can follow while you’re on the toilet.

  1. Sterile Hover

For starters let’s begin with public toilets. Your first instinct in any of them regardless of its location or premises is to avoid having to touch the seat with your body.

This sometimes happens even with private toilets at home when they don’t get a good cleaning which is why you should start your first session with the “Sterile Hover”. If in a small bathroom, press the palm of your hands against the walls.

If in a bigger bathroom just mimic that posture. Try to use the walls or imaginary walls for support, en slowly lower your body towards the bowl.

Depending on your effort you might actually succeed in doing your business without actually touching the toilet seat.

With this exercise you’ll definitely be engaging your core and shoulders muscles and keep repeating this process to intensify your workout. Your hands and lower arms will also feel worked.

  1. Leg Extensions

Toilet designs consider the average knee to feet length, so while seated you can extend one of your legs out straight.

Then fold it a little and straighten once again. Repeat this with your other leg and go for your desired 3 sets and repetitions. Keep a straight back posture al through the exercise. You can also spruce things up a bit while on that porcelain.

One way is by doing some quick sets of alternating “No-Lock” that will also make those hamstrings and calves feel super!

  1. Knee Lifts

When your business is taking longer than expected because you did not hydrate well you can seek divine intervention.

Push your palms together and pray that your bowels relieve you. While at it, lift your knees as high as you can to leverage your efforts. By holding this pose you’ll be obliterating those quads and forearms.

You can spruce it up by making a wide stance while seated on the toilet and lift your hands higher.

Repeat the whole process until your prayers are answered.

  1. Arm Circles

Raise your arms extending them straight out either forward or to your sides while keeping your palms facing up.

Now start to make small circles with your arms, do forward circles then backwards (not less than 20) each.

Flip your palms and repeat the whole sequence giving your delts a good tension.

  1. Elbow Curls

Do some arm stretches and hold your ear lobes in a way that your elbows will be pointing to the sides. Now try to connect your elbows giving it a tight squeeze in front of you while maintaining a hold of your earlobes.

Then loosen the tension and return your elbows to the starting position at a speed of your liking then repeat. This works your shoulders, pecks and upper back muscles very nicely.

When you get tired avoid leaning back on the toilet tank especially if you are using a two piece toilet as it may damage the connection.