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5 Natural Ways That Help To Make Hair Straight

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Straight Hair is the cult fashion now. Every other girl wants to have poker straight hair like we see on magazine pages. Using a hair straightener on a daily basis can damage your hair to a major extent and here comes the role of homemade hair straightening methods. Scroll down to know 5 Natural Ways That Help To Make Hair Straight. 🙂


5 Natural Products/Ways That Help To Make Hair Straight


Coconut Milk And Lemon: This is one of the most traditional and probably one of the best methods of making hair straight at home. Extract fresh coconut milk from coconut and then mix it with lemon juice. Apply all over the scalp including the whole length and then keep it on for 2-3 hours. Wash off with cold water. Repeat the process 2-3 times a week and see the results within some time.


Tea Liquor: If you can rinse off your hair with tea liquor after washing your hair with shampoo, then this can give you visibly straighter hair within some months. Tea has antioxidants properties in them that nourish and condition hair with improves hair texture too!



Regular Hot Oil Massage: Regular hot oil massage helps to improve blood circulation in hair thereby hair shafts prone to shine and strength. Hot Oil Massage also provides nourishment to the hair and makes hair soft, smooth and manageable. Include Aloe Vera gel into the oil to make it a thick paste. Oils like Olive and Almond help to a major extent.



Milk And Honey: One of the natural conditioners, milk is helpful to lock in the moisture of hair and make it straight. Honey reduces frizz and gives intense smoothening effect to hair. The hair follicles lock in the smoothness and thereby appears to be straight and full of volume. You can add Flaxseed gel for better results.



Olive Oil With Egg: Olive Oil is one of the best oils for hair that gives intense nourishment to the locks. Eggs, on the other hand, contain proteins that help to seal the moisture and silkiness within the hair strands giving the appearance of a frizz free hair. The hair strands appear smoother and comparatively straighter. Use this procedure for 3-4 times a week for some months to have visible straight hair.

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  • these are some really great tips and also doable. thanks for sharing. it is anytime better to go for such natural methods than heat styling hair