5 Versatile Clothing Pieces To Amp Up Your Look

Hi, ladies!

Even if you are a staunch minimalist, there are articles of clothing that you can include in your capsule wardrobe to make sure that every one of your outfits of the day (OOTDs) looks unique. Creativity is key, and the pieces should allow for that.


So if you’re currently putting together your 20-, 30-, or 40-piece capsule wardrobe for the season, you simply need at least five clothing items that can easily amp up your outfits with an edgier vibe. What are they?


1.     An oversized basic white top with sleeves

The lovely thing about a loose-fitting and basic white top is that there are so many ways you can style it so that it doesn’t look like a typical top at all. You can easily pair it with other colors, so accessorizing offers abundant possibilities. Also, you can and fold and tuck the hems and sleeves in a variety of ways because the piece has a loose fit all around.


When you try a different approach to wearing the top every time instead of just keeping it straightforward, people will surely wonder if it’s the same white top or a completely different one.


2.     A colorful kimono dress

A long, printed, and colorful clothing piece such as a kimono maxi dress is a must-have for a versatile wardrobe. It’s perfect for topping off a basic outfit such as a little black dress or a typical white shirt-and-jeans ensemble. Wear it this way and your OOTD will automatically have that edgy dimension to it.


Another thing to appreciate about such a dress is that on its own, it serves as an excellent statement piece as well (any clothing item that is long and made of high-quality fabric tends to be).


Plus, like an oversized basic white top, it offers countless possibilities for accessorizing and layering – transforming it from a regular kimono dress into a whole new funky outfit.

3.     A denim oversized boyfriend shirt

This timeless piece is all the accent an outfit needs. A denim oversized boyfriend shirt by streetwear brand Finchitua can go from effortlessly cool to classy and elegant with the right pairing. Let it loose, tuck it in tight, tie two edges in a knot, tuck it in front and loose at the back for a high-low effect, or wear it open like a cardi.


You can definitely get great style mileage from this piece. What’s even more impressive about this shirt is that it only becomes that much cooler as it gets old, a little tattered, and hole-y. The distressed look for denim shirts is very “in” – it’s a trend that has lasted decades and will remain fashionably relevant in the future.


4.     A high-quality black dress

Here’s the thing about the color black: Out of all the colors, it has the best personality. It’s confident and flexible, so if you want to look edgy, you can never go wrong with a black dress – regardless if it’s a long or “little” one.


What’s more, this particular wardrobe item can last through all the seasons. But to make sure that it does so beautifully, choose a standard style that flatters your body shape.


For example, a long, spaghetti-strap black dress looks sexy on its own and can be worn to formal events during the holidays. In the summer, you can top it with a rocker tee to make it more youthful. For a weekend brunch, you can pair it with a denim jacket and sneakers. Meanwhile, for an evening out, you can wear a long knit turtleneck underneath it and pair it with Doc Martens for a kind of grunge revival style.


5.     A tailored navy blue blazer

You’re probably thinking that a navy blue blazer is anything but edgy – but it is, just in a more polished way, especially if it has fancy gold buttons. If you want your outfit to look instantly smart yet fun, this is the piece to have.


Take a cue from Hollywood celebrities that achieve all sorts of styles with it – from the French “nautical” theme to hippie/boho chic, cute and preppy, and even retro. They have proven that you simply can’t go wrong with such a blazer because if you want to dress up an outfit, it can do the job. But at the same time, if you want to tone down a rather serious ensemble, it can also do the trick, particularly if you add kitschy brooches to it.


There you have it – five amazing pieces that can flawlessly add edge to your look. Every one of these can make any OOTD an absolute winner. So, if you don’t have any of them yet in your wardrobe, it’s about time you buy them to make being fiercely fashionable a whole lot easier.




Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs today. When you slip into one of Feiruza’s creations, you can almost hear the rhythms of Africa, the beats of India and the vibrancy of Dubai – this distinctive and colourful mélange is just what Finchitua is about