6 Amazing Water Sports That Are Great For Your Health

Who doesn’t want to get two birds with one stone?  If you are going to maintain your health and have fun, water sports are surely your cup of tea. You can not only enjoy, but also be sure that your body is getting the proper exercise that it requires in order to stay healthy. Well, if you seem to like the idea and are considering trying it out, here is a list of 6 sports that are bound to keep your adrenaline levels high and your body in good health.


While most people go for an occasional dip in the pool or at the beach, the benefits of swimming regularly are numerous. Swimming engages a great number of muscles in your body that ensures great muscular strength and enhancedendurance. It is also a great way to replace your cardio as it enhances cardiovascular activity and is a great way to lose weight. It is also beneficial for the elderly and those who have bone problems. The buoyancy of the water helps them perform specific actions with ease and is mostly recommended by doctors to their patients for physical and mental issues.


Flyboarding is a sport that has gained much attention during the last few years. Remember Spy Kids, the movie in which the kids have jet packs that they put on and fly? Well, it’s pretty much like that but instead of wearing it on your back you wear in on your feet, and it propels water to gain the height. This new sport works your core and leg muscles to their extreme potential. Unlike other things that are good for health but aren’t fun. This water sport is sure to raise your adrenaline levels to an all-time high.


Kayaking is a water sport that has gained a lot of recognition recently. The best thing about this sport is that you can go for a pleasant ride that can soothe your mind or a fast whirl that can engage your upper body muscles and get your heart pumping like you just a cardio session at the gym. This outdoor sport is offered at many beautiful places around the world such as NewZealand, Phuket, Fiji, Mexico,   Scotland, etc.Here is a link if you want to purchase a kayak of your own.


While this water sport is not as easy as it may seem, all it needs is commitment and practice. Five to six classes are sure to get ready to give it a try on your own but to hit the more massive waves you need supervision and even assistance in some instances. It is a sport that has many health benefits. It engages the muscles’ of your whole body, the upper body while paddling and the lower body and core while balancing on the board. Balancing on the board and the attentiveness that is required to ride the waves can increase your mental health and play a significant role in improving your alertness and your response time to an immediate situation.

Scuba diving

While it does seem extraordinarily calming, and watching it in movies gets your eyes all dreamy. This watersport is not for the faint-hearted. Scuba diving demands resolve and strength of the mind. It increases flexibility and is known to lower your blood pressure too. So the next time your blood pressure is spiking because of a tiresome month at work, take a few days off and go scuba diving. It is sure to set your mind and body at ease.

Scuba diving is not a sport you can pursue all by yourself a professional instructor is a must. Be sure to ask for credentials and a proper diving certificate from the instructor as many people aren’t authorized by the government to teach and use the vulnerability of newcomers to scam them.

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting is an extreme sport for those who are addicted to an adrenaline rush. It is not only fun but also challenging. It requires endurance and is sure to work your upper body muscles to their full potential. The fact that the rafters have to navigate the water and fight with the pressure they have to be extremely vigilant and think ahead of time. This sport challenges a person mentally and physically.

This sport is dangerous, and it is not recommended that you tag along with anyone just because they think they are a pro at it. This sport requires a team effort, and if one joint of the chain is not strong it is sure to cause trouble for the whole team. It is not uncommon to hear about incidents where rafters are thrown of their rafts due to extreme water pressure. Be careful, have fun, and remember better safe than sorry.

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