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6 Things You Should Never Do to Your Hair

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Reading the opinion of many members of hair clippers club help you learn how to manage your hair in general. However, you may still miss valuable information about some of the things that you are fond of doing yet they pose the great danger to your hair. Many times, you may be inadvertently causing more harm than good to your hair. For you to change the practice, you must first understand some of the bad hair practices that you carry out every day. Here are six things that you should never do to your hair.

1. Rough-toweling
Perhaps you think that the best way to dry your wet hair quickly is to rub it with your towel very roughly. Well, doing this may not be the best thing for you to do if you truly care about your hair. When you become very rough with the towel while drying your hair, you end up doing more harm than good. For example, applying a dry towel to wet hair usually causes breakages to the hair strands. Also, when you rough-towel your hair, you may damage the scalp, thus creating more hair problems in the future.

2. Over washing
Your hair has natural oils that keep is slightly greasy and healthy. On many occasions, you may think that the oil is too much and that you need to remove all of it to keep your hair healthy. In truth, you must maintain a certain amount of the oil in your hair for you to manage it effectively. Also, the glossy look of your hair is because it contains a small amount of the oil and not necessarily because of the special oils that you apply to it. Therefore, you should never over wash your hair because when you do so, you end up exposing it to all manner of dangers.

3. Getting an inappropriate hairstyle
Every one of us has a preferred set of hairstyles. People normally cut and style their hair according to personal preferences. Normally, the preferences are based on perceptions of the extent to which the styles fit the shape of the head and face of individuals. although it may sound fanciful to style your hair in a new way, this may not be a good thing to do if you consider how doing so may affect your hair. For many of us, getting a new hairstyle may simply contribute to hair damage.

4. Burning tools
Burning tools are not combs that are on fire but any tool that is hot enough to cause your hair to shrink suddenly. You should never use such tools on your hair because they can be a major cause of harm to it. Moreover, such tools can harm your scalp if they get in contact with the skin. Therefore, for you to keep your hair healthy and the scalp safe, do not ever use hot tools such as combs and others on the hair.

5. Applying conditioner on the scalp
There is an enormous difference between a conditioner and shampoo. One major difference is in the way these two products functions. A conditioner helps to repair broken hair whereas a shampoo cleanses the hair at the roots. It is a big mistake to use your conditioner like a shampoo. If you apply your conditioner to the base of your hair, you may end up damaging the scalp and other important parts of your hair structure.

6. Tying the ponytail tightly
Your ponytail can damage the hair completely if you tie it up very tightly. Normally, your hair is very fragile when it is wet. If you fancy styling it before it is completely dry and then you frequently use a ponytail, you may lose its quality very fast. Tight ponytails usually overstretch your hair, thus causing the strands to break over time.

In summary, you should never do any of these things to your hair. Remember to use a style that fits your hair and face as opposed to using anything that looks fashionable. Also, never over towel your hair or use a hot tool on the hair. Also, never use the conditioner on your hair skin because doing so may damage your hair.