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7 Awesome Homemade Hair Rinses For Your Hair Woes

Hi, beauties!

Hair Rinse is definitely one of the most underrated steps of hair care. Many people forget to do this step and sadly, many even don’t know about this step. But just like shampoo and conditioner, this is an essential part of a good haircare regime for hair rinses not only help to clean the conditioner residue but also help to provide nourishment and goodness to the scalp and hair. Being wet, the hair follicles remain open which help the rinse water to peep deep into the scalp and work its wonders. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a huge amount on hair rinses. We have listed 7  Awesome Homemade Hair Rinses For Your Hair Woes. Have a look! 🙂

7 Awesome Homemade Hair Rinses For Your Hair Woes



Apple Cider Vinegar and water hair rinse is probably one of the best and affordable hair rinses one can use. ACV has multiple benefits like it provides shine to the hair and makes hair strong. It helps to detangle hair which in turn help to reduce hairfall and breakage. It also helps to nourish hair and make them look lustrous and less frizzy. It also helps to prevent dandruff which is again a pro. Just take 30 ml of ACV in 100 ml water and rinse your scalp and hair with it. See results within a few weeks.

Being one of the best anti-oxidant in the market, green tea helps to detox your scalp preventing dandruff and rough hair. It also provides strength and shine to the hair which is an added pro. The anti-bacterial benefits also prevent lice and other scalp infections.

If you want a tint of hair colour everytime you rinse your hair, then coffee is to your rescue. The caffeine content in coffee helps to prevent hairloss and makes hair and scalp strong and beautiful. All you need is to boil coffee in a glass of water and rinse your hair with it to see the results.

Aloe Vera is a multipurpose plant that has some miraculous health and beauty benefits. Aloe Vera helps to nourish hair, prevent hair fall and also helps in regrowth of hair. This hair rinse exactly does that. Being a moisturising and hydrating agent, aloe vera helps to lock in the moisture that prevents hair from being frizzy and unmanaged.

  • Beer Hair Rinse:

Beer is great for your hair. It prevents hairloss, gives shine and strength to your hair and also makes it manageable to the core. Washing your hair with beer post your shampoo and conditioning session can definitely help to improve the hair texture and make hair healthy and well-nourished.

  • Honey And Milk Hair Rinse:

This can be a great hair rinse for people with rough, dry and brittle hair. Milk has lactic acid that helps to moisturise hair and prevent hair loss. The protein content in milk helps to make hair strong and beautiful. Honey prevents the oozing of moisture due to environmental factors and makes hair well-managed. But this can’t be your final rinse as milk and honey can make your hair sticky. So after rinsing your hair keep it for 5 minutes and then wash off with normal water.

Coconut has been proven miraculous for your hair woes since ages. Now be it coconut water or coconut milk or coconut oil, this has been the favourite of hair care lovers and why not? Coconut has numerous health and beauty beenfits and one of them is as a hair rinse. Coconut water hair rinse helps to lock in nourishment and make hair soft and manageable. It also prevents dandruff.

That’s all peeps! Hope you have found it helpful 🙂