About Us

Hey everyone,

Welcome to our little space on the internet. This blog has taken its birth in 2016 and so this is just a baby when compared to the other blogs in town. But that doesn’t mean we don’t work hard to make it big. We may not have extraordinary figures to tell you but we surely have our passion and utmost dedication to win your hearts and make you feel come back to us the next time.

We started our journey one fine monsoon morning being just a small group of people who were interested in doing something that was completely out of their arena of work. Beauty and makeup always interested us but we wanted to make it much more than just a beauty blog. It should be a complete world where one can find all things possible and we are in our work!

Founded by us, we work really hard to make the posts interesting and include as much material as we can. We also have a small team of writers who work extra hard to make their posts appealing to all.

Welcome to the world of beauty, skincare, hair care and all things pretty. This website is about reviews, tips and tricks to make your journey to beauty smooth. We believe every individual is beautiful in his/her own way and we are here to make you cherish that beautiful you. Everything is written in a very lucid manner to make the subject of beauty easier and interesting to people who are new in this genre. We try our best to give you utmost honest reviews about everything in our little world.
Let’s be beautiful and remain beautiful always.



Team Bellesmakeup.com