Amafhh Wyt Pacholi And Velvety Orkid Perfume Review

Hello, peeps!

I am back again and this time it is a perfume review from one of the recently launched brands called Amafhh. But first, tell me how are you guys doing? Smelling good this winters? Well, you need to smell good as the beautiful smell is a way to a beautiful presentation. And if you feel, perfumes cost too much then this post is just the place for you! Here I will give you an easy-peasy solution to all the budget beauties so that all of us can have a dose of the luxury smell within a budget.

Price: The perfume prices vary from 400INR to 500INR depending on the fragrance one is choosing from.

Where to buy? 

They have an Instagram page @amafhhperfumes where one can find over 250 fragrances from various luxury brands. As they manufacture clones of high-end brands, you can definitely get your favourite fragrance without pinching your pocket. Also, they provide FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER INDIA.

Packaging: One of the best things I loved about these babies is their packaging. The bottles look really sleek and classy. Being light-weight and transparent, it is really easy to carry around and find out the amount used. The perfume variant is also mentioned at the front which makes it really easy to detect the one you are looking for (for people who have more than one variant which I am sure everyone will have after using it.) The bottles come with a very good quality pump dispenser which doesn’t look flimsy. Overall, I really find the packaging attractive and it looks really pretty on my dressing rack.

Quantity: The bottles are 100 ml each.

Lasting power: They last for a good amount of 7-8 hours in extremely humid weather conditions. In winters, they lasted all day long!


Velvety Orkid: Velvety Orkid for her is simply a delicious smell that can be worn every day. It is neither too strong nor too mild. The perfect kind of smell that one can wear after taking a bath. Though the fragrance feels like floral, it has a woody rusty flavour to it which makes it my favourite between the two. The fragrance will surely turn heads in a right way!

Wyt Patcholi: The smell is really unique and can be best described as a little spicy. The smell is sensual and strange, both compiled in one. The smell reminds you of the retro days where you will want to flaunt a hat on a beautiful spring morning wearing this. The smell is very long-lasting and I could even smell it after washing my clothes (literally!).

These two fragrances are a must try for every girl who wants to explore fragrances that are not too floral or girly.

The brand is totally cruelty-free and has 0% alcohol in their products which make it a deadly combination.