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Amazing Ways To Use Bath Salt In Your Everyday Life

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Bath Salts are gaining prominence as more and more ladies are indulging in self-pampering sessions at their own home. Bath salts are one of the most-used ingredients for doing a relaxing pedicure or exfoliating your own skin. This ingredient, though affordable, can be used in multipurpose ways which are listed below. Scroll down 🙂


What is Bath Salt?

I feel by now most of us have a pretty basic idea about bath salt but for those who don’t have, here’s a quick intro. Bath salts are nothing but sea salts with some added benefits. Bath salts come in different texture and colour, which you can choose according to your own mood. They contain a variety of essential oils in them which help to heal and soothe your mind and body, thus giving a relaxing experience.

How Can We Make DIY Bath Salt?

Though the market is flooded with processed bath salts, to get the maximum benefits, it is essential to settle for 100% pure and organic bath salts. You can make your own at home with no chemicals ofcourse. Take some Episome salt and add any essential oil of your choice to it. You can go for lavender essential oil for soothing your mind or can go for Rosemary essential oil for scalp exfoliation. Even can go for peppermint essential oil if you just want a freshening pedicure session.


Amazing Ways To Use Bath Salt In Your Everyday Life:


Face Cleanser: One of the easiest ways to use bath salt is to use as your face cleanser. Just mix some of your favourite ones to your age-old cleanser and wash off your face. This will help to take all the dirt and grime out of your face and make your face oil-free and squeaky clean.


Homemade Face Mask: Bath salts infused with Tea Tree oil can be a great ingredient for a homemade face mask. But make sure to mix the salt with milk or curd so that the mask won’t overdry the skin. It will act as a purifying mask for all skin types.


Foot Soak: One of the basic uses of bath salt is as a foot soak. Take some of your favourite bath salt and put it in lukewarm water. Place your feet into it so that all the dirt is oozed out. Scrub your feet and apply a foot cream for a mini pedicure session.


Exfoliation: One of the most effective ways to use bath salt is to use it as an exfoliating substance. You can either use it for your face or for your whole body. Bath salts have this purifying property that will make you feel super clean and fresh.

Oily Scalp Treatment: If you are suffering from oily hair/scalp issues, make sure to add bath salt to your shampoo bottle. Otherwise, you can just take some bath salt and exfoliate your scalp. It will take out all the excess oil from the scalp and will make your hair and scalp super clean.

Increase Hair Volume: Adding bath salt infused with rosemary essential oil will help to increase hair volume and will make hair strong. You can add this to any of your hair mask too!


Cure Stress: Bath salts that are infused with lavender essential oil can help to cut your stress level after a hectic day at the office. Make sure to bath by adding a little bath salt to your bucket of water.

Blackheads Removal: Blackheads removal is one of the toughest things to do but with a bath salt rich with peppermint oil, it is easy and less time-consuming. Just apply the salt and scrub with a light hand. It will minimise the growth of blackheads too!


Detoxifier: You can also consume the salt with lukewarm water at morning to detoxify your body from within. This will make sure all the toxins are out of your body through sweat and urine. But don’t do this process more than once. It is recommended to start from alternate days. Discontinue if any side effect occurs.

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