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Your Basic Guide To Flawless Makeup

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Hitting a certain age when you can legally drive a car or buy something on your own that’s the time when one realizes the importance of many things that are now to be done and for the ladies makeup is some of those things.

The basic core of any makeup part is the foundation. For the beginners they can buy a certain foundation according to their skin tone. Sometimes when it’s hard to find such a shade of foundation you can take help form your seniors or other people so that they can guide you on choosing the best shades that will improve your skin tone. Just selecting the foundation isn’t the only important thing but applying it correctly is another art next to it. For the beginners the best for them is fluffy brush. It will help to apply the foundation perfectly at a larger area. Usually foundations are having pumps on their tops to let you know the perfect amount of foundation to be used for the best match but for the foundations that doesn’t have a pump you just need to pour out some of the foundation on the back of your hand and then to apply it on your face using the finger later blending it further using a fluffy brush. For a perfect look don’t miss out the area of the neck and such that the foundation is needed to cover up the neck as well.

After the foundation what comes next are the eyes and every lady wants her eyes to be looking appealing and gorgeous. For the beginners they should use the eye brow pencils along with the specially designed eye brows brushes. But before that to settle your eyebrows in place use clear mascara that works as a hair setting spray. Once you have applied it and you r eyebrows are in shape, you are now required to make the perfect use of pencil of making perfect outline of brows and then covering the entire needed area carefully such that no extra mark is left on your face. To make the eyes looking more beautiful you can use eye concealer. For the beginners the best is to start under eye concealers with peaching tones that suits all type of skin tones and blend it perfectly using advanced brushes. The shades will improve the under eye and will make the eyes looking more refreshing and beautiful than they were before.


The eye lashes are yet another important thing that is to be improved for good looking eyes. For the beginners the product is the same as used by every lady and that is mascara but what they don’t know is how to apply it properly. So for that you are required to move the mascara outward regardless of inward that’s where mostly girls get it wrong. By moving the mascara outward and in a wiggle style will help to define the eye lashes more properly and will improve their look by tightening them. It’s to be remembered that not only the upper eye lashes have been improved but both the upper and the lower eye lashes are to be covered mascara for best affects.

Tip: Try to use smudge proof mascara so that it will not spread or smudge.

Cheeks are defining point for the lady as it puts a glow on their faces and such that for the beginners they can define the cheeks further by using blush. The blush is to be put lightly on the face for its best use and this can be done by avoiding rubbing the blush on the cheeks so hard rather they can be put effectively either by a smooth rub on the cheeks or by just tapping the blush on the cheeks. You are not required to go to high or too low and should just stick to the part of your cheek for best results and it will help to make the cheek appear healthier. Apply a little bit of highlighter on your check bone, cupid and nose to get a glowing effect and to sculpt your features.

Now you are good to go with a very basic and beginner natural makeup.

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