Battery Powered Versus Corded Callus Removers

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When we take a look at the callus removers, we can see that there are two main versions. We can choose between battery powered models and corded ones, which require constant access to the power source. Here we will discuss which model is more suitable for you and which one is a better option for the applications you have in mind.

Battery powered callus removers

Here we have the first or better said the more common version of callus removers. They have a built-in battery which must be fully recharged in order to operate. This allows for you to use the callus remover at any given moment and anywhere you want. They are also easier to use and they are more convenient for those who are seeking for the advanced practicality. Battery powered callus removers are also appreciated thanks to the fact they are considered to be a more sophisticated option. There are plenty of different models out there, so finding the one that is the best for you won’t be a difficult choice. New units are usually waterproof, so they can be used while showering and while taking a bath.

There are some downsides. For example, the unit will perform perfectly as long as the battery is fully charged. Once the battery level is below 50% the unit will work slowly and you will need more time in order to complete the task. The biggest issue is when the battery is drained but you are half done.

Corded callus removers

These units are generally more affordable and they also come in all sizes and shapes. They don’t have batteries so they can run as long as you need them. Then we have the power which is generally higher than in the first case scenario. As such, these units are reserved for more demanding operations and they can be used as professional callus removers. In a nutshell, you can remove any type of callus you want, regardless of the fact how thick the callus is or where it is located. Because they don’t have a battery, they won’t lose power after some time. As long as you use them, the max power will be guaranteed.

When we take a look at drawbacks, we can see that corded callus removers are generally heavier and they are more complicated to use. Also, they have cables, obviously, so they are more demanding to operate on a regular base. Because they use electricity, there are no waterproof models, which is a drawback for some of you. Of course, not all users like or need waterproof callus removers, so this isn’t a huge drawback.


The bottom line is that battery powered callus removers are great for those who are on the move and for travelers, due to obvious practicality. If you do not travel and need a callus remover for heavy-duty removal purposes, then corded models are a better choice. They simply have more power and they can operate as long as you need them.