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Biggest Makeup Trends Set For 2017

The gods of fashion week have spoken and have chosen for us, mere makeup lovers, all of the best trends set to hit our makeup bags as the weather gets warmer. Forget the 90s nostalgia that was a favourite in 2016, this Spring and Summer expect to see big hair, bright colours and lots of sparkles as we make way for the biggest style trend of the year – the 80s!



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Bringing back the 80s with bright eyes:

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Get ready to wave all of the sweet pastel colours and romantic pinks, that we have all grown to know and love, out of the door, as we make way for a bolder and brighter future. The fashion week runways saw so many models sporting the “disco eyes” look, with a rainbow of colours that screams 80s. Our eyeshadow palettes are getting a makeover, so expect to welcome in a lot of orange tones, purples and even blue and greens. For an added edge, team up your 80s colours with bold and graphic eyeliner to really bring the nostalgia into the modern day! Girls, get practising your cat-eyes, flicks and wings, this year you’re going to need them!


Bold and big lips:

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The all round favourite nude and pale lip colours are going to be no more! In this makeup shakeup, the lip colours we have placed firmly into our hearts, are being replaced with bold, gothic and metallic shades. Fabulous designers like ACNE and DKNY dressed their models in this seasons designed, and paired the outfit with dark and gothic lips, to really give a little bit of edge to their look. If you want to be envied by everyone within a ten-mile radius, then welcome these bold and deep shades into your makeup.



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There’s nothing more 80s than a little bit of sparkle. If you’re obsessed with glitter and everything it stands for, then your year is going to be made with this makeup trend! Runways were laced with models sporting the sparkle, on their eyes, ears, hair and lips. The likes of designers like Fendi and Gaiambra styled their models with glitter peppered under their eyes. Glitter is really breaking out of its barriers this year, so embrace the sparkle and get creative as it becomes a staple of everyday life!


Dewy Complexion:

dewy look

The bronzed and “just come from the beach look” has always been coveted in the warmer months. A sheeny and beautiful complexion is going to be a big makeup trend this staple, to achieve this minimal yet fabulous look, just add a light-weight, illuminating foundation to your makeup bag. This dreamy, minimalistic look gives you a real youthful Summer glow that will have people falling head over heels for you. Ellie Saab and Versace mastered this moon-kissed look at fashion week and their models look absolutely dreamy!


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