Color Hacks for Blending a Perfect Make-Up with Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are great and eccentric way to try new and trendy hairstyles every day. The hair extension take you in a magical world where you get completely new look. The hair extensions are often considered your closest friend because no matter what texture your hair has you must have to treat them properly and must be given extra care. Moreover, if you are new to the world of hair extensions so you must first gather enough knowledge about various products before performing any sort of experiment with your hair.

Here are some of the top color hacks for hair extension from the experts which will surely help you and you can enjoy the salon worthy tips and services at your home:

1. Use a single shade or two lighter:
The hair extensions usually look striking in dark shades. So, if you are dying your hair before extensions than use a shade or two other lighter shades than the original color you actually desired for. This is because it is difficult to lighten your hair color than to darken it.

2. Choose Warm to Warm and Cool to Cool Color:
The most important thing which should be kept in mind while the process hair dying is one should switch to the same tone of the hair color. If you want to have warm blonde hair color at the end than you must select a lighter shade of warm surfaced hair extension. In the same way, if you want to have the end result in cool medium brown color than you must choose a light cool brown hair color extensions. In this way you’ll get your desired hair extensions.

3. Choose Pastry #60 As Ideal Base:
The Pastry #60 must be chosen as an ideal base because it is the lightest shade available and is useful while performing imaginative hair color transformation. This shade gives a neutral and a natural look to the user. It won’t have an indistinguishable fortitude from shading employments performed on shades inside 2 stages of the end shading; however it will have gloriously immersed outcomes.

4. Also Refer to Color Swatch:
If you are uncertain about the hair color transformation or about the cooperation between a shading equation and an augmentation than you must refer to color swatch. This is indeed a good reference for hair color extensions and can be used in several ways to encourage the shading process.

5. Use Existing Color Shades:
Sometimes it is better to choose the color which are already been existed in the collection than to select any hair extension to encourage the users desire look. At times to update the client’s hair color requires no developer, no color, or any other chemicals.

6. Balance Blonde Color with Shampoo/ Conditioner:
Usually the blonde hair is as often as possible over-handled, leaving strands particularly permeable and helpless to breakage. It’s additionally the hair shading that frequently goes up against unflattering bold or yellow tones. This problem can now be tackle by using a shampoo/conditioner of a good company and you can have good result in the end.

7. Mature Red with Base Breaker Original:
According to renowned award holder, colorist expert Sherry if you have selected mature red color for hair shading and if it your hair goes dark or drab than you must apply the base breaker original to balance it and lightens your hair. The client’s must apply the base breaker original to the end of the hair and then move in upward direction. Saturate your hair completely and wait for some time. After a 10-12 minutes apply a shampoo or conditioner and enjoy a new glamorous look.
So, ladies have you gone through the color hacks thoroughly? Hope these points will help you select your favorite color hack for hair extension. Then what are you waiting for? You can perform your hair extensions with a perfect make-up combination by yourself by consulting any Chinese hair distributor because they are really good at it and reputed ones around the globe. Want to try some new glitzy hair extensions. Now your wait is over. Visit your nearest market store or any other online forum and buy your desirable hair color to give you a trendy look. If you like and enjoy these tips do share your experience with us!