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Weatherproof Your Daily Look With a DIY BB Cushion

If you don’t know it already, cushion foundations or BB cushions are the latest beauty wave to sweep the world. But since Koreans are obsessed with Snow White skin, it might be difficult to find a skincare/makeup product that is light and packs the same amount of nutrients.

I can’t stress enough how a light foundation benefits the skin: In a scorching 32-36-degree heat, putting on a full face can be sticky, thick, and risking wiping the grains of sweat forming on your forehead might completely ruin your contour.

In truth, if you’re prone to acne or you just want to conceal a few spots, wearing a mask of the foundation isn’t the best way to go. You suffocate your skin, and the heat might open up your pores, letting in dirt and keeping you in the blemish loop. If you’re aiming for a flawless face, you must layer on a light base and let your concealer do the work.

So how can you get that weightless, vitamin-rich base without risking looking like a geisha? The answer: DIY your BB Cushion.

What you will need:

Empty BB cushion compact or any cosmetic container with a plastic lid inside

Thin sponge for the formula bed

BB cushion puff


Liquid foundation you have laying around

Liquid Highlighter

Serum (Optional)

Step 1: Form the liquid base

If you have dry skin, you can opt for your favourite moisturizer or go for those with the thicker formulation. However, if you have oily or combination skin, the last thing you want is to look greasy, and not the Korean glow type. In this case, you should go for essences as they offer the same moisturizing capabilities as a regular moisturizer has without the heavy feel. Using a plastic stick, mix this with sunscreen at a ratio of 1:1. If you want more nutrients into your DIY makeup, you can put a few drops of serum, too, or even put in the same amount as the first two. Keep in mind though that your mixture will thin out your foundation so measure it according to the coverage you want.

Step 2: Pump in your favourite foundation!

With the crazy amount of makeup choices, there is, it’s so easy to fall into the obsession of trying out all possible brands of the same product like a legit makeup blogger. It’s fun, but it will leave you broke with a parade of barely used products beside you. This is the perfect time to repurpose your (almost) regrettable splurges. Pump them right in to your skin care concentrate and keep mixing them until they’re all well-blended.

Step 3: Press in the sponge bed

When you finally achieved the consistency you want, you can now gently place the sponge bed that will hold your BB cream. Let the sponge absorb it by leaving it upside down for a few hours to a whole day. If you find no trace of foundation on the surface when you finally open it, don’t worry, your BB is safe right underneath! If you don’t have an empty cushion compact, to begin with, you can use the skin care jars with a tight plastic lid on the inside to make sure that it’s not going to spill or dry out too soon when you’re using it frequently.

Step 4: Puff away

Now that you already have your custom foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone and delivers the right nutrients, you can now start applying at the center of your face in a soft patting motion. If you want more coverage on your problem areas, work your way one light layer after the another. You can also use a press-and-roll motion but don’t ever swipe it.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t apply the same shade on the entire face: this will give you a one-dimensional look! If you want to get the most natural contour, use a liquid foundation that is one shade darker than your skin tone on the hollow points of your cheeks and your jaw and hair line.
  • If you have dry patches at awkward areas of your face, you can prevent the foundation from clinging on your problem areas by spraying some mist on your puff before dipping it in your new BB cushion.

This was a guest post submitted by Danica Barr

Danica is a certified life coach & nutritionist from Seattle, WA. Since 2011, Danica has collaborated with some of the field’s top health experts and uses this knowledge to follow through on her passion for writing about new fitness trends and myth debunking. She can be found on her personal blog for more information.