Do’s and Don’ts of Microblading Eyebrows

Hi, ladies!

The way we look naturally is the beauty that sets us apart. A pair of earrings or a necklace can never cover up for that. Just like your hair, your lips, even your eyebrows are significant for the way you look. Be it thickly feathered or perfectly arched, you will want your eyebrows to look beautiful.

Many people are not born with great eyebrows and so they need to groom it up. Microblading is the process that helps you bring the precise strokes and fill up the brows like real hair. The technique gives you a beautiful finish and makes them look like how you always dreamt the brows to be. Following are the steps you need to follow before you opt for Microblading your eyebrows.

  1. Do your research

Choose a great place to get your Microblading done. Avant Microblading is one of the famous places to opt for. You need to choose a great established option where you have experienced people dealing with the process. They have to prove your certificates and licenses to take up their task. You have to check if the person dealing with you has proper certification or not. After being sure of the company and the people appointed for your job, you will be sure of going about it.


  1. Prepare yourself

Before going for an appointment, don’t pluck or wax the eyebrows as the technician will figure out the new shape based on the current measurements. You are not supposed to use exfoliators around 3 days before the application starts. You must avoid products that include Retin A, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, Renova, as these can inflame your skin. People on medication of blood thinners cannot opt for this process along with expecting and nursing women, and also diabetic patients.

  1. Communicate with technician

The person operating the task will determine the shape of your face, structure, and that way you will get the natural finish. You need to communicate with the technician properly for getting the best results. You should know that the shape of your brow is determined by measuring 6 key measurements of brow bone and a protractor is used for determining the right shape. People are usually allowed to choose the thickness of the brow but you might not have your say in every way. However, you will get a proper presentation on how your face will look after the process to give you a clear idea of what you are in for.

  1. Aftercare

You can flaunt your new brows as soon as you leave the clinic. However, you cannot use skin care products or makeup on that area for around 10 days after the application. You might not be allowed to touch that area, and you have to avoid picking, peeling or scratching at all costs. You will be given post care creams that you can use with cotton. You cannot tan, stay under direct sunlight, swim, sweat excessively, and exercise for the first 10 days after the process.

  1. Be realistic

To get thick eyebrows, you might need a few appointments. You need to keep in mind that the process needs two steps and it will not give you a permanent impact from one treatment. The strokes will seem sharp initially but will become mild with time.

People need to be sure of their skin type and other skin-related issues before opting for Microblading. The ones who have an oily skin, thick skin, large pores and eyebrow keratosis can have a negative impact on the process. You need to clarify about your skin health before taking any treatment.