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How to find Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Your Area

Spriha is the smallest sister in our big joint family. She was just 3 years old, when I got married. She was just like my daughter, she played in my lap and indeed she was so adorable. Time lapsed with great speed, it just seemed that it was few years back that I ran after her to feed her the food and now she was ready to get married. Mama Ji brought her up with so much of love and care. She was the live example of a perfect woman anyone can think of. She had everything in her; the love, the passion, the beauty and the intelligence all fed up well into a single girl and so was his would-be-husband. Both were just perfect for each other. The preparations were going well and I was also an active participant in all the preparations. Everything was going fine, but there was just one thing for which my beautiful lady was concerned and she was asking to every possible person that what will happen to her bridal makeup. To calm her anxieties I needed to get the best bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon.

Her concern was genuine as like any other bride; she also wanted to look the best on her D-day. She had lot of dreams about her marriage which she kept on sharing with me time to time. So, I knew most of her fairy tale dreams which she had regarding her marriage. Moreover, she was very helpful to me at times, when I needed someone to guide my daughters and learn the technologies. So, this was my turn to return the favour, she had poured over me at times. I wanted to bring the best bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon for her, so that she can look the most beautiful bride on her wedding day. I asked her if she had anyone in her mind, who can get her ready for the occasion, but she hung her head down and said no. She told me, Bhabhi, if any way I had known someone then why I would have been shouting to find some professional in the whole house? Well, she was right and now it was my headache to get her the one she was looking forward too.

UrbanClap provided vast options to search the Best Bridal Makeup Artists

To my ultimate despair, I was unable to find anyone who was good enough for Spriha to provide her with the services which she wanted. I tried to ask various people from the locality too; so that; in some manner I get help to find the one I was searching for. I even tried to find the professionals online. But Just Dial and yellow pages failed to bring any fruitful results for the same. Many of the contacts were either fake or were not in service anymore. Few of them, which were answered, were not good enough to be proceeded with. Their Portfolios were lacking the class and integrity in their shoots. Some didn’t have the portfolios only, and I thought how someone can go to such makeup artists, when they are not having the portfolios? In short, I was tired to find someone who can bring a smile to my adorable sister-in-law.

I was sitting in my room, flipping through various videos on You Tube, when I got to go through an advertisement on one of the videos, I clicked on to watch. It was talking about some android application named UrbanClap. It claimed to be the best application for the Service seekers, who are seeking for some extra ordinary professionals, perfect in particular service. I thought that it might help me in finding the best professional over there. I just downloaded the app on my android device. It was downloaded in a flash, thanks to the 4G speed of Airtel. The app got installed and I opened it to get the best bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon. I registered on the app entering few of the basic details which were required to register on the same. It was really easy to get registered on the app.

Now, it was the show time. I entered what I was searching for and to my great surprise; I had a number of options flashing on my smart phone’s screen. At first, I was startled seeing so many options and felt a bit confused too. But, then I just helped my brain run for the positive and started sending personal messages to some of the selected service providers, asking them for their quotes. To my utter surprise, I started receiving both their quotes and their portfolios on my e-mail id. I was really very happy that I was now free from travelling from one place to another. I sat with Spriha to decide over those portfolios. Both of us lost our hearts for one of the makeup artists; whose portfolio was just perfect to proceed with.

Why choose UrbanClap App?

UrbanClap turned out to be my priority ever after the incident. The user interface is so good and the application really works very smoothly. The makeup artist, whom we decided was called to our place and we had a face to face meeting with him. He assured us to bring out the best of Spriha’s beauty with the help of his makeup techniques and quality products. So, whatever was promised was kept by him. Spriha looked like a beautiful fairy in her bridal dress and the bridal makeup was bringing out the glamour and the beauty on her face. The happiness of getting married added more glow to her face. Spriha just loved her look and I thanked the makeup artist several times as he brought the smile on her face.

Everyone was startled at her beauty. Her photographs were lovely in the makeup and she loves to flip through her wedding photographs and praises me for the same. It was very easy to find the best professional for her Bridal Makeup as you just need to check the ratings and reviews of the particular professional and send him a personal message to receive the price quotes. The next step is to judge him in the face to face meeting and get all the doubts cleared by him. UrbanClap never turns down his customers in any way. So, Mama Ji and Mami Ji were too much thankful to me and the UrbanClap app, for bringing the makeup artist for her lovable daughter. Spriha thanked me to choose UrbanClap, as she found the best Bridal Makeup Artist from there.

Amu Sofat from Aminkk Studios, Gurgaon left us with the best experience ever as a service seeker at UrbanClap. He and his team indeed are the best group of bridal makeup artists in Gurgaon. He would be highly recommended by each and everyone in our family for getting the Bridal Makeup services, for anyone who is going to get hitched for the marriage sooner or later. After such a nice experience with UrbanClap, Spriha prefers to call professionals from there only, whenever she needs someone to be supported with.

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