Gifts for Teenagers: Ideas for Your Newly Turned Teen’s Birthday

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Buying birthday presents for teenagers is fun and easy. With the kind of imagination and level of maturity they have, it can be the best opportunity to encourage a new hobby. Remember, gifts for teens aren’t difficult to buy. Whether it’s electronic or crafts, we’ve come up with the perfect list of gift ideas that will bring joy on the birthday of your newly turned teen.

Choose from these gifts and make your teenage son or daughter happy.

1. Headphones – This can be an ideal birthday present for your teenager. Quality headphones produce clear and brilliant sound. You’ll surely love seeing your teen child chilling to the music of their favorite singing idols. Perfect for private listening, headphones are more than just an accessory. They are a fashion statement, too! Offered in various colors and name brands, these will be one of the gifts your teenager will surely appreciate on his/her birthday.

2. Mobile Charger – Teens usually spend a lot of time navigating their phones or tablets, whether as a pastime or related to schoolwork. Sometimes, they may run out of batteries before they can go home to charge their gadgets. With this in mind, mobile chargers are also great gifts. These are portable devices that they can use to recharge their electronics wherever they go.

3. HP Sprocket Photo Printer – If your teenager loves taking photos, then a handy photo printer will definitely make them happy. With this kind of device, they can print images directly from their phones and other photo sharing apps without the need of going to any printing shop. Also, this tool usually uses zero ink technology, so you don’t have to worry about cartridges either.

4. Journal Notebook – For your newly turned teenager, you may consider giving a journal notebook as a birthday present. It’s easy to use because they can slip it into their bag and take it with you. Not only that but your teen will undoubtedly love planning out her day or writing down all her thoughts. Some teens also use their journal notebooks to draw, doodle, or sketch. That’s why this notebook is a fantastic present for teenagers who love to write and create art.

5. Bedroom Makeover Accessories – These can be one of the fabulous birthday gifts you can give to your teenage son or daughter. New bedding, wall art, new paint, and new furniture will turn their bedroom from a kiddie room to that of a young adult. You can even add neon light signs that are so popular right now. Your teen will certainly look forward to coming home every day and will have a good sleep every night.

6. Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker – This is a clever gift from parents who need to wake their teens up and get them out of the door each morning. What makes this device amazing is the bed shaker feature that can be put under their mattress to shake them awake. As your teen will be waking up on time because of this special alarm clock, you will take some load off of your shoulder as well.

7. Clothing – When gifting teens, one of the most common ideas is clothing. However, your teenager doesn’t like you to choose their apparel – anymore. Because of this, you can give clothing store gift cards, which are the safest bet when it comes to clothing gift ideas. With these cards, they’re free to pick whatever clothes, accessories, and shoes they like.

8. Selfie Stick – Does your teen love taking selfies? Why not give them a compact selfie stick. Choose a selfie stick that is lightweight and has a clicker remote, a lighted phone case, and a selfie stand. Your teenager will definitely have fun taking selfies and groufies with her friends, starting on his/her birthday!

9. Backpack – Gifting your teen with a chic bag is one of the best ideas. Backpacks are spacious enough to accommodate all their essentials and even personal necessities. It’s also suitable for holding their books, art supplies, and even a laptop. With a few pockets on the side, they’ll have easy access to their phone, wallet, and pens.

Final Words

Now that you have these gift ideas in mind, it’s time for you to plan out your teen’s upcoming birthday party. With a wide range of items to choose from, finding the right present is not as tricky as you think anymore. Just know what type of activities your teen likes and you’ll be on your way toward giving the most memorable birthday present they’ll enjoy.