Before You Go – Pre Trip Advices For A Trouble Free Trip

Hello, peeps!

Travelling is surely a bliss but make sure to travel hassle-free. Here are some tips:

  1. Mobile Appsare one of the most practical phenomenon for regular or inexperienced tourists. Like, some inexpensive and standard airlines offered some of their seats online only through their mobile apps at low prices. That means that buying directly through their website at times seems impossible, either for the unreasonably high prices or unavailability. With an app, purchasing a ticket is quick and easy.
  2. Roll up your clothes individuallyand pack them horizontally at the base of your suitcase. This ensures wrinkle-free clothes and easy access to each garment. Ideally, start with the overalls and then get to the undergarments.
  3. Safeguard your favourite perfumebottle from damage by storing them in socks.
  4. Cover the mouthsof your moisturisers, shampoos and face washes with cling wrap and then screw the cap back on. This way, there is zero leakage.
  5. Store your hair clipsin an empty tic-tac box to keep them from getting lost in your toiletries pouch.
  6. Keep a shut eyeto block out the light for a quick nap.
  7. Use a day-wise pill containerto store and sort your jewellery. This way, not only can you keep a count of your notorious earrings, you can also pre-plan their use as required.
  8. Ladies, don’t ignore the value of scarves. They provide multi-purpose functions: you can use them to cover your head when cold, as a sarong over a bathing suit, or as a night mask to block out the light while sleeping.
  9. As a thumb rule, pack three tops per denim bottoms. Denim is sturdy and doesn’t require laundry. On an average, two bottoms suffice for a trip of any duration. Pack the densest items nearby to the wheel of the suitcase. Once the suitcase is upright and ready to be pulled, the weight is distributed to the bottom making it easier to roll and doesn’t topple over if left unattended.
  10. Cover your camera with leather strap, bothered your camera will slide through one of those flimsy straps and fall to the ground, only to smash into a million pieces? While most camera straps are made to hold considerable weight, you may not be keen on using a store bought one. This leather strap is not only stylish; it’s also very practical and should keep your camera in place.
  11. There are no surprises to book your accommodation online. Everyone should prefer book all their hotels online for many reasons: you can check out the place, the customers’ reviews, but you will also get to estimate the prices and choose the most appropriate one, without the hassle of roaming around super tired after a number of hours flight, in a place you’ve never been before. There are abundant online sites that will help you in finding the most reasonable rooms. You are going to protect yourself from plenty of strain when you reserve your rooms ahead of time.