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Your Guide To Flawless Look For Your Wedding Photos

Hola, beauties!

Weddings are a really important part of every custom which needs a lot of preparation from every end. Be it the groom’s clothes or the brides makeup, everything needs prior attention when marriage is considered. But sometimes, due to hectic schedule, we tend to feel that we can settle everything at the last moment which is surely one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make.  Most importantly, avoid planning your wedding make up to the last minute. You will want to start working on your teeth and skin many months before the wedding. This guide will help you to have the best wedding pictures possible.

Your Guide To Flawless Look For Your Wedding Photos

Skin Care

The condition of your skin will make or break the photos. Start a skin care regimen months before the wedding. This isnt that you can do last minute. It will take weeks or months to achieve your desired look. If your unhappy with your skin, make an appointment with a dermatologist.


Visit your dentist

Your teeth will be a focal point, especially if you chose a bold lipstick. Visit your dentist three months before the wedding to start teeth whitening treatments. Bright white teeth will make you appear more youthful.


Prep the skin

Before applying any makeup, cleanse your skin. Next apply a primer. Apply pore reducing cream or powder if you have large pores or oily skin.



Apply foundation before concealer. Choose the right foundation for your skin. If you have oily skin, choose a matte finish. If you have dry skin, choose a foundation that has an lumination element.  There are different levels of coverage too. If you have ages spots that you are unhappy about, try a full coverage foundation.



After foundation, and concealer. When it is placed under the eyes, dont make a curved line that follows right below the eye. Make a triangle under your eye that points down. This should be a larger triangle where the point is about even with the tip of your nose.



Avoid HD Powder for photography because lighting changes can cause this to appear as white powder on your face. You will want a powder that goes with the foundation that you choose.


Highlighters and Contouring

Add a highlighter just beneath the brow bone, the inner corner of your eyes, beneath your bottom lip, and across your cheek bone. If you contour daily, go for it. If not this is not the time to start. Contouring can be a little tricky. Contour the area below your hairline, along the sides of your nose, and the hollow of your cheeks.



Apply blush in two light layers layers. Bronzer in the hollow portion of the cheeks, and a brighter color on the cheekbone.



Add white eyeliner on bottom inside rim of the eyes. This will make your eyes appear larger. Fill in brows and set with a finishing gel.



It is better to apply fake eyelashes that to add many layers of mascara. Be sure that you separate each lash before and after each layer. Lumps will be very noticeable in pictures.



Matte lipstick is very popular. It looks great in person, but it really loses something in photographs. It can make you look older and a bit drab. Lipsticks that are very glossy will reflect too much light back, making your lips look small and sometimes oddly shaped. Find a balance between the two. As for color, it depends on the look you want. Nude or light pinks if you want a youthful, natural look. A bold color will give you a sultry look.


Be beautiful on your D-day ladies!

Well, that’s it peeps! Hope you have found the post useful 🙂