Hair Removal using Patanjali Ubtan. 100% effective and herbal.

Hi everyone, I’m back with another D.I.Y and this time it is for a very essential topic i.e hair removal. Well we all are used to having painful hair removal sessions which includes laser and waxing. Even threading for our face is a common practice for removing unwanted hair. But there are some natural ways in which you can remove hair. Here I will tell you about an easy way of hair removal using Patanjali Ubtan. It is 100% effective and safe for the skin as well.

Patanjali Ubtan is a powder face pack that comes from the brand Patanjali by Baba Ramdev. It has a number of natural ingredients including pulses, camphor and turmeric that helps to get rid of facial hair. For full review of this ubtan and its uses click Here.

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Now coming to the topic. Hair Removal using Patanjali Ubtan is really easy which requires just 5 ingredients. So let’s start the D.I.Y.


Patanjali Ubtan


Aloe Vera Gel (Patanjali Aloe Vera gel or the raw one)


Coconut Oil


Take a table spoon of Patanjali Ubtan in a bowl and mix 1 tea spoon of Milk in it. Add a drop of Aloe Vera gel ( I’m using Patanjali Aloe Vera gel ). Add two pinches of turmeric in it and along with it 1 tea spoon of Coconut Oil to make a soft paste that is neither too sticky nor too runny. Apply all over the face focusing on those areas that have the maximum concentration of hair like upper lips and side cheeks. Allow it to dry for 15-20 mins. Rub off the paste from your face using upward strokes and circular motions.

Time for the Hair removal using Patanjali Ubtan:

Do this method twice a week for upto 2 months to get great results.

Benefits of the ingredients:

Patanjali Ubtan



Patanjali Ubtan has a variety of natural ingredients that help to scrub the skin and prevent hair in growth. It has turmeric and camphor that helps to reduce facial hair in the long run. This ubtan or face pack prevents rashes and acne. It helps in removing dullness and even imparts a glow to the skin.

Coconut Oil:


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Coconut Oil has natural fatty acids that help to soften the skin. It prevents rashes and pimples that we have after threading. It also softens the facial hair. Coconut Oil is a great oil for all skin types and helps to remove hair without any redness.

Aloe Vera gel:


Aloe Vera is a miracle ingredient. It has numerous vitamins and minerals as well as anti-oxidants that help to soothe skin and prevents irritation. It is highly advisable to use Aloe Vera gel during or after the hair removal process. In this process I have used the Patanjali Aloe Vera gel that has Vitamin E in it. You can opt for any brand but then make sure to add 2 capsules of Vitamin E to keep skin elasticity.



Milk is a natural softening agent for skin. It is ideal for all skin types specially normal-oily skin. If you have super oily skin you can substitute it with rose water. You can also prepare your own home-made rose water by clicking HereMilk naturally helps to de-clog pores and acts as a toner too. It helps to close open pores and prevent rashes. It is ideal for any face packs.




Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. It helps to remove facial hair when used with Patanjali Ubtan. It also prevents hair growth if used on a regular basis. This magic ingredient helps to intensify skin glow and also make skin naturally beautiful. It also prevents ingrown hair.

So this was my magic recipe through which I get rid of my unwanted facial hair using Patanjali Ubtan. This is a natural remedy and so won’t work like magic in a wink. But if you be religious with it I can assure a great and long lasting result within 2 months. This natural procedure of Hair removal using Patanjali Ubtan is effective, herbal and long-lasting. So a great thing to try for sure!

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