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Hair Trends For 2018: Colours And Hairstyles

Hello, peeps!

2018 is an exciting year for hair trends, with many different options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a new haircut or trying out a new colour, there are some exciting styles coming out.


The Hottest Hairstyles In 2018


Whether you have long or short hair, you can find a great style that will suit you. A lot of these trends are simply coming back so they might seem familiar.


Wedged Bob


The wedged bob is becoming hot again. The shorter cut in the front and the longer one in the back frame your face and jawline. Other ideas for this look are to have uneven layers and incorporating wispy long bangs.


Messy Bob 


Similar to this, a messy bob is liberating women from having to spend hours on the mirror. The messy look is perfect for those summer days, while still looking very fashionable and trendy. For a twist, opt for an asymmetrical bob and keep it at shoulder length to highlight your face. The best thing is, you do not need a lot of work to maintain it.


Chin-length Shags


The next look to have is the chin length shags. The idea is to look tousled but still confident. With bangs just touching your eyebrows and textured layers that add volume and make your hair bounce, women would not find this look tough to maintain and still look fantastic.




Speaking of hairstyles, fringes are making its comeback, with celebrities adopting this trend. If you have an angular face, this look is perfect and edgy. Some also have fringes to complement their curly haircut. When you have curls, a fringe will always match the structure of the face and give it more shape.




Long-haired women will love tying their hair in a braid, which is very much in season. Using accessories will even accentuate the look. Various types of braids can be experimented with, from fish braids to side head braids.


Trends in Hair Color In 2018 


The next year is predicted to be full of color, with trendy shades ranging from natural hues to non-natural. The right hair shade can be a great partner to the right haircut and style.

Various shades of yellow until red are in season. Specifically, the first look is a golden ombré look, where your hair color gradually fades from the crown to the super-blonde ends. Another popular look is the salt and pepper hair, where shades of blonde and black create a wonderful contrast.


The next hair color trend to watch out for in 2018 is burnt orange, where red and orange streaks combine to make you feel like Princess Merida of Brave. Another stand-out is the bleach-toned look, although this super ash blond effect is quite tough to maintain.

The next trend, the Tiger Eye, is an eye-catching mix of amber, honey and soft brown using a balayage technique. The light shades act as a highlight while the darker tones add depth to the hair color.


On the other hand, chocolate mauve is a more striking mix of brown and light pink. This is one of the trendiest and most unique combinations of 2018, and it is a great choice for brunettes who want to play up their hair color.


If a more subtle combination is what you are looking for, nude hair just might be the style for you. This is very soft and natural-looking, and the shades will wonderfully complement whatever skin tone you have. Another idea is to go baby blonde, a very light shade that will pop when wearing dark colors specifically. Rounding up the natural shades is bronde or the combination of brown and blonde.


The next shades are reddish mixes like blondz. This combines shades of blonde and bronze, which is a great choice for those with darker hair. It provides a lot of texture and richness. Strawberry rose takes it one step further, with hair looking wonderfully red but without the maintenance of going full-on as a redhead.


For something different, jewel tone is a bold look that can still be worn every day. Dark hair is complemented with shades of violet and green for a very shiny look. Another idea is the pop of green look, which uses the 2017 color of the year.


Lastly, if you are naturally dark or black-haired, you can add up some golden color close to the ends to create highlights.


2018 is setting up to be a year full of color and fun, edgy hairstyles to choose from. If you are wondering which look suits you and your face shape, you can ask for the advice of a hair and beauty stylist.



Terry Shin is the director and owner of a top-notch Melbourne hair salon. He has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 10 years and has served satisfied thousands of satisfied clients.