5 Gorgeous Hairstyles And Just 1 New Year’s Party

How do you plan to wear your hair for this year’s New Year party? Here are some incredible ideas, whether your hair is long or short.


How would you like your New Year served? Hot and spicy, or sweet and tempered, or something in between? We’ve got a selection of party hairstyles depending on your tastes. Pick one and welcome the New Year with a proud toss of your head.


#1 Short crop updo

This is one of the easy party hairstyles for short hair that I love. It creates the look of an updo even though it doesn’t have the length for it.


-Apply a strong root-holding spray to give your hair some body to work with.

-After the spray dries, tease the hair near your crown to create volume.

-Gently comb your hair back, setting it with a paddle brush.

-Take care of flyaways.

-Set it with a firm-hold spray.


Team if off with striking earrings and leave your neck bare.


#2 Flounce and bounce

Do you have shoulder-length hair that you don’t know what to do about? Don’t tie it up, but try this simple glamorous party hairstyles for medium hair instead.


-Run a paddle brush through your damp hair as you blow-dry it.

-Use a comb for the last few strokes to remove any kinks and to create a gentle ripple effect.

-Make a deep side parting.

-If you want, you can flatten the front part of your hair for a semi-straightened finish.

-Set it with a hairspray.


#3 Curly and bold

If you have naturally curly hair, your hairstyle is half done. All you need is the time to create the other half, and accessories.


-Wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V.

-Condition to prevent frizz build-up.

-Let your hair air-dry.

-Next, using a small-barrel curling iron, randomly curl one-inch sections of your hair.

-Some should be fully curled, others half-hearted.

-The idea is to look like you are ready to party like crazy.

-Top it up with a bold neckpiece. Leave your ears bare.


With this bold look, also try a bold makeup look! Check out these amazing party makeup looks and tips that you must try this party season here at Reward Me.


#4 The imperfect diva

This is a simple hairstyle for party goers who are not fixated on looking perfect. You need to start with hair that is at least up to the neck, if not more.


-Spritz texturizing spray on damp hair.

-Blow dry, but use your fingers and not a brush.

-Work in a dollop of mousse to make it yield.

-Take the mass of hair at your nape and twist it up.

-Stick bobby pins in it to hold it in place.

-Allow a few tendrils to float around aimlessly.


Make sure to wear a strappy dress and long, drop earrings to add a hint of the casual diva.


#5 Long gone short

This is one of those unexpected party hairstyles for long hair, where everyone will believe you’ve gone and chopped off your tresses to welcome the new year.


-Blow-dry your hair.

-Make a centre parting.

-Now gather the hair in a low ponytail.

-Secure it with an elastic not near your nape, but closer to the other end of the ponytail.

-Start rolling your hair under until you reach your ears.

-Secure it with bobby pins to hold it in place.


5 simple and unexpected hairstyles to cause a murmur this New Year party. Are you ready?