Health Benefits Of Inflatable Paddleboards

Hi, peeps!

Paddle surfing is growing in the sport at a great pace because it is a fun sport, adventurous and suitable for all ages. Physically we work almost all the muscles of the body from legs to arms and we also practice balance while enjoying nature in all its senses.When you climb the first time on a paddle board you will get hooked immediately as you can enjoy unique experiences from another point of view. The first thing we think when we buy a paddle is which (Rigid or Inflatable) and my experience tells me that an inflatable has the peculiarity that it occupies little space and that if you travel a lot is an excellent companion since everything is compressed in your backpack and You can board any transport such as a plane as luggage.

The ability to travel with us saves us in search and rent and also if we had a rigid we would be loading the car with a cow and moving all the time to keep a table of 3mts approx. We can think that an inflatable paddle is not rigid or at least that is the feeling I had at the beginning but after using one I was amazed by the rigidity that they have, with the new technologies that have managed to maintain rigidity with double layers and putting plastic rails on the sides of the tip   providing the necessary rigidity.

Paddle surfing is an aerobic activity that benefits you at a cardiovascular level. Being for a long period of time moving the benefits for the heart and your entire cardiovascular system is huge.

  • Improves lung capacity, so it helps to improve different respiratory disorders
  • It facilitates blood circulation and helps oxygenate the entire organism
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Positively influences the state of mind by improving general well-being as endorphins that cause good mood are released
  • It will increase the calorie consumption of your body with what you will lose weight and you will put yourself in good physical shape without realizing it.
  • Toning the upper train: with the need to make a large number of strokes to row and move on your board, this will make you start up your entire upper train, which translates into exercising the pectorals, shoulders and trapezes.
  • It helps to combat the stress of day today. It is proven that exercise and contact with nature are very good allies to combat stress and if it is also on the beach with the tranquility of the sea and the sun’s rays tanning your skin it becomes much more relaxing.
  • Increase the amount of Vitamin D in the body, especially if you are from the north where the hours of sun are less and clouds usually cover the sky, being on the beach in contact with the sun’s rays will cause your body to produce vitamin D. A deficit of this vitamin causes fatigue among other more serious diseases.

Taking into account all these reasons, we hope you will be encouraged to try it! Check for more details about paddleboards in We recommend this link to buy inflatable paddle surfing where an expert can solve all your doubts and advise you the best model for you. The inflatable SUP require less investment and allow more amateur and less professional use, ideal for beginners or for exclusive use during vacations and summer seasons.