Health benefits of Muay Thai for fitness in Thailand

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Muay Thai is one of the most popular names in the martial art industry; Muay Thai is the official martial art in Thailand.

Over time, you may have seen or come across different articles on why you need to practice Muay Thai but I doubt if you have ever read on the health benefits of Muay Thai.

The first fact that will be pointed out before going into the body of the article is that Muay Thai is a form of sport and it helps ion exercising the body so therefore, don’t see Muay Thai as just a fighting competition where you only need to fight. This perception can turn out to be one of the reasons why you may not derive the maximum health benefit from Muay Thai.

The benefits of practicing Muay Thai cannot be compromised because the benefits go far beyond self-defense and weight management.

Before the theoretical discussion, I will to like to back this up with scientific reports and research that has made it clear that practicing Muay Thai will help you reduce the risk for several diseases and health conditions with improved quality of life

The bottom line; what the paragraph explains is that Muay Thai won’t just help you with self-defense or weight loss, the exercise will help your health by improving the quality of your life.

Having stated that Muay Thai will help you have a good health condition, we will now verge into other benefits that Muay Thai does. Practicing the unique Martial Art will help in protecting the body from the following health problems;

The first health benefit of Muay Thai is that it helps in preventing Heart disease and stroke;

The Thailand martial art helps prevent heart disease because the exercise and training has activities that will help you

· Strengthen your heart muscle

· Lower your blood pressure

· Increase the working capacity of your heart

· The exercise helps increase flow of blood

· Raise the high density lipoprotein that are good in the body and lower the low density lipoprotein that are harmful

Once the factors stated above are optimized by the body as a result of training Muay Thai, there is lowered or decreased risk of Peripheral vascular disease.

The bottom line; with consistent t practice of Muay Thai, there risk that you suffer from stroke or heart disease is low.

Muay Thai prevents you from having back pain

Aside stroke and heart disease, the practice of this Thailand martial arts will help develop and increase the endurance and strength of the muscle which makes one more flexible. The effect of flexibility and strengthened muscle is good posture which will prevent back pain.

Reduced risk of high blood pressure

One of the major factors associated with high blood pressure is body fat and regular practice of the sport/ exercise will help reduce the body fat and the level of high blood pressure is reduced

With the Thailand Martial Art, you get rid of the most harmful fat in the body (stomach fat)

Our general believe is that the fat present in the arms, legs and other parts are the most harmful, but it is important you know that the stomach fat is the most harmful fat in the body and with the help of Muay Thai training the fats will be burnt and removed.

If you don’t ever want to practice Muay Thai at Suwit Muay Thai because of any other reason, its important you do to ensure you don’t have stomach fat because this stubborn fat have the ability of causing Type II diabetes, cancer, Asthma and some other health related issues.

The training helps you prevent Non-Insulin dependent variables by reducing the fat level in the body.


Muay Thau is an exercise and training where the legs are cultured to do lot of tasks and the exercise promotes the formation of bone and also prevents loss of bones associated with ageing.

Lastly Muay Thia helps boost self-esteem and stress management

Health is the total wellbeing and that’s why it cover’s vast psychological components like stress. The exercise lightens your mood and helps you reduce anxiety and depression which are all causes of stress.


The Thailand martial art will help you reduce the fats in the body or convert it into calories and obesity prevents the occurrence of diseases too.

If you keep this health benefits in mind, then your next line of action will definitely be on how to locate the next Muay Thai Farang to start training.

I am sure you understand the health benefits of Muay Thai cannot be compromised and the only way you can help yourself is by starting today.