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For better and healthy weight loss, it is necessary to select food that really helps you reduce weight. Diverse foods contain different metabolic pathways to go within the body; therefore it is important to select food according to your need.


These different foods have vastly diverse effects of how to burn off calories, how to affect hunger, and how to work on hormones etc.  Below you will find some essential food that helps you support to reduce weight; these foods are well researched and supported by modern science.


Foods for weight loss:

  1. Whole Eggs


According to latest research and studies eggs do not cause heart diseases and also eggs do not help blood cholesterol levels get higher. Eggs contain super healthy fats, great proteins and have the ability to make you feel fuller with lowest calories amount.

  1. Leafy Greens


Veggies like spinach, collards, kale, swiss chards and others are included in leafy greens. These greens hold several useful properties which surely make these leafy greens perfect for weight loss diet. With the super power of fibre, these greens contain lowest carbohydrates and lowest calories.

  1. Green Tea


Green tea is the basic component of the diet used for weight loss; you should drink tea during workout sessions. The journal of nutrition has published a well-researched study in which it is declared that people who sipped five cups of green tea with the workout session of only 25 minutes in the gym have lost enough fat than non-drinkers in just two weeks.  Green tea contains an important antioxidant, catechins, which help to reduce and delay storage of fat around the belly.

  1. Almonds & Pistachios


According to studies, each almond should be considered as natural weight reduction pill. A study has conducted of obese and overweight adults originated that combination of perfect amount calorie diet, intake with a quarter cup of nuts can help to reduce weight most effectively than other combination of complex diet within just two weeks. It is suggested that for most effective and optimal results try to consume a daily serving of almonds just before hitting the gym. According to research or study conducted by Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition initiated that almonds carry most useful amino acid L-arginine that help to burn off carbs and fat more.


According to four weeks study, the pistachio has declared most powerful to reduce weight and BMI, as well as pistachio, helped to control cholesterol levels and improve triglyceride levels.

  1. Salmon


Everyone knows that fact that oily fish salmon is carried super power health benefits. It is also useful and highly effective to make you feel full for numerous hours with many lowest calories. Salmon is the kind of fish loaded with quality and healthy fats, high-quality protein and yet holds several essential nutrients.

  1. Beans and Legumes


Beans and legumes are the specific kind of beans help to reduce weight. Beans like lentils, kidney beans, black beans, and many others are most useful to reduce weight. These beans hold high-quality fibre and protein.

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