How can chess increase a women’s IQ

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People like to say that chess players are smarter than the average. The truth is that the average chess player is precisely the average term of regular people. And, although it has been shown that chess can somehow improve the Intellectual Quotient, there are contrasted studies that show that chess players are insolent. There are various hand carved chess sets to develop your IQ.

The ability to acquire and use both verbal and symbolic abstractions
In any case, there is still no exact meaning of this idea. Insight additionally incorporates things like rationale, conceptual reasoning, comprehension, learning, and twelve different parts. The definition said above could in light of the fact that significant issues since fundamental segments are feeling the loss of that are not mentally. These parts are, for instance, passionate and social aptitudes, tactile abilities, accomplishment inspiration, visual discernment and some more.
How can chess increase a women’s IQ?
Internal knowledge:
Women ARE smarter … but when they play chess they get smarter. The internal knowledge after playing the game is not necessarily transferable to the outside of the game. Are people who are already intelligent attracted to chess, or do they become smarter once they start playing?
Prevents Alzheimer’s:
The brain functions like a muscle and therefore it must be exercised. A good exercise is to play chess, something that has great benefit for those who are prone to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s. Chess will not cure it but it can delay the degenerative process.
Exercise the two hemispheres of the brain:
We usually use only one hemisphere of the brain for certain activities. However, according to a German study, chess experts tend to be so quick in their reactions because women use both hemispheres at the same time. This was verified by monitoring the brain activity of the participants while showing them different geometric shapes and positions used to play chess.
Increases creativity:
The hemisphere which is on the right side is accountable for originality. So if we develop more this part of the brain, we will be more creative. Chess helps this process, something that was proven in a study where students from 12 to 15 years old participated and separated into groups to do different activities: one group played chess and the other user computers. These activities should be done once a week for 32 weeks. In the end, those who dedicated themselves to chess showed more creative features and originality of ideas.

Improve memory:
Any women chess player can say that his memory has improved considerably since he started playing. This is a necessary skill to be able to beat your opponent, taking into account what moves he made before and what moves have helped him win in other games of the past. However, this is just an anecdote. But there is a 1985 study where young students were taken to play chess regularly for two years. Their teachers reported that the children had better memory and skills for the organization.