How Will Your Donor Eggs Help Other Women?

Sometimes, having fertilized eggs placed inside a woman’s uterus through IVF is the way for her to get pregnant. She may not have the genetic link to her baby, but an egg donor makes it possible for her to experience the joy of pregnancy and giving birth to her baby. If you are a caring person that would like to help other women that can’t get pregnant, you may wonder how exactly your donor eggs will help other women. Let’s take a look at all the reasons for women to use donated eggs.

Poor Egg Quality or Quantity

Egg quality and quantity are critical for conception. When a woman reaches the age of around 35, the quality and quantity of her eggs begin to decline. Although the quality of a sperm cell also plays a role, it’s not as significant as the quality of an egg. When the quality of the egg is poor, chances are that the quality of the embryo may also be poor.

The quantity of eggs is just as important to ensure conception within a year of trying. If a woman suffers from a condition like polycystic ovarian disorder, ovulation may be influenced and her chances of getting pregnant are significantly reduced. Her fallopian tubes may also be blocked due to a number of conditions. The prevents the egg from traveling from the ovary to the uterus where it can be fertilized. Quantity and quality of the eggs are equally important for successful conception. If one of these is lacking, donor eggs can help a woman get pregnant.

Early Menopause

Early menopause is when a woman reaches menopause before the age of 40. It is primarily caused by premature ovarian failure but can also be the result of chemotherapy or radiation treatment. These days, many women postpone starting their families due to career building or late marriages. When they find that they have a premature onset of menopause, it may be too late for them to get pregnant naturally.

Although there are treatments available for the symptoms of early menopause, it can’t be reversed or prevented. Since premature menopause has to do with ovarian failure, it follows, then, that ovulation and the menstrual cycle stops completely. Despite the onset of early menopause, the woman’s uterus can still accommodate a fertile egg.

Egg donors can change the lives of women that have been diagnosed with premature menopause. She can have the egg placed with IVF inside her womb and still conceive naturally. This method also works for women that already had children but that wants to extend her family.

Genetic Conditions

Many women are completely sterile and able to conceive naturally. The problem is that there may be an inherent risk of them passing a genetic disease along with their babies. A woman that has a family history of genetic diseases can receive fertility counseling to quantify the risk of her baby being born with one of these diseases. She may not even have the disease herself.

These diseases include but are not limited to:

–    Cystic fibrosis

–    Sickle cell disease

–    Tay-Sachs Disease

–    Thalassemia

–    Duchenne muscular dystrophy

–    Spinal muscular dystrophy

As a donor, your eggs will help a woman with a family history of these diseases to conceive and give birth without the risk of passing one of the genetic conditions on to her baby. Many women may choose to forgo the opportunity of having a genetic bond with their babies to ensure that they can give natural birth to a baby that is healthy and happy.

Prior IVF Failure

An in vitro fertilization cycle is not always successful. Many couples go through many cycles without success. This may be due to many different reasons, medical and otherwise. These couples may then decide to make use of donor eggs. In this case, the egg is fertilized with the father’s or a donor’s sperm before it is placed inside the mother’s uterus.


Donor eggs help women that want to be pregnant and give birth. There are many reasons for women to be unable to get pregnant, but by making use of donated eggs, it gives them the opportunity to become pregnant and give birth.

All egg donors have to go through rigorous testing to ensure that the eggs are healthy. If you are willing to go through the process of screening and donating your eggs, you can be sure that it will change people’s lives for the better.