How To Choose A Jeweler For Your Engagement Rings

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Buying an engagement ring can be overwhelming. It is a process marred with a lot of emotions for the partners, and everyone wants to find just the perfect ring for their loved ones. Every couple wants a magical engagement story with of course the perfect engagement ring. Getting this perfect ring highly depends on the jeweler that you decide to go with.

Before deciding on a jeweler, first consider the style of ring that you want. Most local Jewelers and mall Jewelers will have classic and traditional styles of rings, but for more customized and exotic rings you might have to find specialized Jewelers. Here are some more factors to consider when narrowing down on a jeweler.

The Jeweler Should Offer An Array Of Services And A Wide Selection Of Rings- The relationship with your jeweler should be a long lasting one because down the road you might need some of the other services that they offer like jewelry cleaning, repair, designing custom pieces, resizing and many others.

The store should also offer a wide variety of rings for you to choose from. However, to help you make a good decision, the jeweler should not leave your overwhelmed but should guide you to get the best of what you need. I will recommend you to visit as they have all varieties of jewelries like bangles, earrings, necklaces, and many more.

The Jeweler Should Be Knowledgeable- the people in the store should all be knowledgeable about the stuff they are selling. A good store should also have an in-house gemologist that can advise you on different precious metals.

The staff at the store should answer all your questions with ease and confidence. If they really know what they are saying and if they are not aware they should direct you to their gemologist.

The Jeweler Should Tell You How To Identify Diamonds And Show You The 4 C’s – diamond rings are the most sought after for engagement because of how elegant they can be. However the price of a diamond ring is determined by several factors; the number of carats, the cut off the stone, the color of the stone and the clarity of the stone.

The other factor that determines the price is the type of metal used for the ring itself. For instance, platinum costs since it’s a very rare metal. The jeweler should show you the cut under a microscope and the color grading. They should have color grading stones for comparison.

Certification And Appraisal – the jeweler should have the certificate for the diamond which describes clearly the qualities (color, carat, and quality of the stone) showing it is natural and describing any treatments done on it.

Other factors to consider include the warranties and return policies, the precious metals used for the ring, reputation of the jeweler, credentials and how the jeweler communicated to you. With all these points in mind, you can be able to narrow down a jeweler to the very best for the kind of ring that you need.