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Joy Honey and Almonds Nourishing Skin Cream Review

Hello, folks! We all do the basic CTM routine at morning and night but do we really know why? Cleansing Toning and Moisturising are not just three steps of skin care but a package on a whole. If we even skip one of the three steps, we won’t have the same result as we want it to be. As summer is knocking at the door, girls tend to skip the moisturising part, especially those who have oily skin. But this is such a bad habit that I even can’t explain. If we cleanse our skin with a face wash and don’t tone or moisturise it, it can lead to open pores, roughness and even freckles at a long time. So moisturising is an essential part of our daily skin care regime which we simply can’t miss out. But summer demands something really light yet nourishing which most of the moisturisers fail to deliver. Recently, my friend gifted me this cutesy tub of Joy Honey and Almonds Nourishing Skin Cream and I started using that very day. Dig in to know how I feel!


What does the brand claim Joy Honey and Almonds Nourishing Skin Cream:

Joy Honey and Almonds Skin Cream contains generous doses of Almond Oil and Honey along with Vitamin E & Sunscreen to nourish your complexion and protect your skin from winter dryness and wrinkles.

How to use the cream:

Apply the cream all over the face and body as and when required.


10 INR


The key ingredients are Wheatgerm Oil, Vitamin E, Honey and Almonds. The full list of ingredients is not mentioned.


Quite thick but blends quite well to my dry skin.




A little overpowering but I really don’t have a problem.


The Joy Honey and Almonds Nourishing Skin Cream comes in a tub packaging which is really unhygienic. I feel this kind of packaging is not at all good for any kind of product though you can use this to the bits. No detailed ingredient list is mentioned at the big tub and even on the small tub, no active ingredients are mentioned. The packaging is sturdy which is a good thing but I really think, at least ingredients should be mentioned. Overall, I feel the packaging lacks meat and is kind of okay-okay!

What I feel about Joy Honey and Almonds Nourishing Skin Cream:

Joy Honey and Almonds Nourishing Skin Cream is a thick cream that is quite heavy for summers. It is not quite appropriate for oily skin. As I have dry skin, I don’t feel the heaviness but for anyone from oily skin family, it might cause acne and pimples. This cream doesn’t go into the skin fully and leaves a greasy layer on top which looks really unappealing. It attracts pollution and my skin itself feels so dirty.

Another thing which I feel I need to address is the moisturisation time. I feel this cream moisturises for long and can be a night cream for normal to dry skin. Moreover, this has no SPF so can’t be a really used during daytime. Overall, for me this is an average cream which can be a decent night cream!


  • Moisturises for long
  • Affordable
  • Contains Honey, Almonds, Wheatgerm oil and Vitamin E
  • Good as a night cream
  • Travel size is good to carry


  • Tub packaging
  • No ingredients list mentioned
  • Sticky and greasy
  • Not for oily skin
  • Contains chemicals


I won’t recommend this cream in summers. It can be used in winters. If you want to use still in summers, then make it your night cream.

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