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Lose weight in 4 easy ways naturally

Hey, peeps! When you are trying to lose weight, it should not come as a surprise that everyone around you would want to give you a few tips to make it work.



First things first, you should focus on losing weight for the good of your health and not just to attain a better-looking you. There are buckets full of all sorts of diets and supplements, claiming to make you slim in no time. But keep in mind that the best way to lose weight is to lose a pound and a half, and no more, in one week. There are four ways you can lose weight naturally and permanently!

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Your Diet Matters

This is the foremost thing you need to keep in check to lose weight. Keep a food journal and see how you manage your caloric intake. To lose weight, you need to reduce your calories. So make every calorie count.

Add lean proteins like skinless chicken, seafood, eggs, beans and lentils to your diet. Proteins can boost your metabolism and keep you full for longer.


Cut out any processed foods, especially with ingredients you don’t even know. Add in fresh vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates.



When it comes to carbohydrates, things can get a bit tricky. So stick to whole wheat carbs like whole wheat pasta and bread, quinoa, oats and barley. But like any other thing, moderation is the key. Keep a treat day for yourself to ward off any cravings during the rest of the week.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated

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Keep drinking water and lose weight! Drinking water before meals is said to reduce your calorie intake. Drinking 0.5 litres of water before the meal actually increases the calories you burn by 24-30%!

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Replace your fizzy drinks and sweetened juices with water and you will see the results pretty soon. If you like juices, try juicing at home and make sure you retain the fruit fibre.

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It gives an added benefit of relieving constipation, too!


Exercise, Exercise and Exercise!


It should come as no surprise that in order to lose weight, you have to exercise. No arguments or excuses would ever work against this. Yes, you lose weight if you restrict your calorie intake, but exercise goes hand-in-hand with it. A combination of cardio and strength training is recommended to get maximum benefits. You do not only lose weight through exercise, but it helps improve vaginal health as well. Click here for more info on how to improve vaginal health.

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Cardio is a diverse form of exercise, as you can choose any type from a brisk walk to a jog to a run. If this is not your forte’ try Zumba to polish off your dance moves and slim down, too. Strength training builds up muscles, which in turn increases metabolism. Increased metabolism means increased calorie consumption, which you definitely want to slim down.

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Sleep it Off


Yes, you read it right! Sleep off your weight literally! Sleep deprivation disrupts hormonal control of appetite and can lead to weight gain. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Keep your room a phone and laptop-free zone. Use a white noise app to have a restful sleep.

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We hope that with our few tips, you will be able to lose weight in no time!

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