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The Golden Recipe for Losing That Tenacious Lower Belly Fat

We’ve all been there, cranking out those crunches like your life depended on it. All in a noble quest to acquire that elusive six pack. But even after months of commitment and dedication to this gallant cause, it just doesn’t happen. Why? Simply because we have been doing it wrong all this time. No need to fret though, today we to set the score straight. This foolproof, science-concocted recipe to will help you get ripped and strip you of that stubborn lower belly fat once and for all.

1. A Slight Caloric Deficit is More Than Necessary
Simply put, losing weight is a game of numbers. The idea here is to consume slightly less calories than your body needs in a day (emphasis on slightly’). This allows your body to reach into your fat reserves and use those to make up for the deficit you’ve created.

All you need to do is get yourself a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator online and establish the minimum number of calories you need in a day. Now you can check a number of calories you consume daily, so you don’t exceed your BMR. With time, you won’t even need to do any calculations.

2. Get Your Macros right.
The wise guys in lab coats weren’t kidding when they said, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” How you look has a lot to do with what you eat. So, it’s time to get rid of the fast foods and break out those healthy recipes grandma used to make. Your body will definitely thank you for it.

Imagine the macronutrients of your every meal fitting into different layers of a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid are your carbs. You will need to get these from whole-grain products such as brown rice, brown bread, oats, quinoa and whole grain pasta.

Above this in the pyramid are your fruits and veggies. Above that, you have your proteins, which should come mostly come from eggs, dairy products, fish, chicken and red meat. Go easy on the latter, though. The topmost, tiniest tip of your pyramid should consist of unsaturated fats from sources like olive oil, fish oil, nuts and real butter.

3. A Bit of Resistance Training is a Good Idea
Weight training is an excellent way gain muscle for men, and tone up for the ladies. By lifting weights (or doing bodyweight exercises), your muscles consume a lot of calories. This increases your metabolism and helps you maintain that caloric deficit we talked about in point 1.

For a maximum effect, we highly recommend revolving your entire workouts around one or more major muscle groups. These include your back, legs, and chest. Add super sets, giant sets, drop sets, and minimal rest between sets and your body transforms into a fat torching machine.

4. Forskolin Extract Supplementation is Key
This is a herbal extract from the Indian Coleus plant found in India. Locals have used this herb for centuries to heal many ailments. Now, scientists have been able to isolate a key ingredient from that it that will help you reach your fitness goals with much more ease.

Scientists have found this pill to be capable of positively affecting your body’s muscle to fat ratio, control level of lipids and influence the healthy production of hormones. For men, this means more testosterone, more muscle mass, and a lean cut body. For the ladies, this results in toned muscles, no more belly fat, and an exquisite figure.

Now, forskolin extract may be no miracle pill and it may not shred fat off you as fast as a day or so. However, it will give you great long-term results if you couple it with consistent exercise and nutrition. As you can see, weight loss is about a lot more than sit-ups. It’s about changing your entire lifestyle. It may not be easy, but for a healthier future, it is definitely worth the struggle. Stay focused, stay motivated, avoid negativity and the perfect physique will be yours.