Make your own CONCEALER at home.

Hey everyone, this is another D.I.Y post from my side. Well I know we all love D.I.Ys as these are so cost affordable yet so useful ๐Ÿ™‚ After making some posts on skin and hair care, and I thought why not make-up? Make-up products are so hell expensive nowadays. You just can’t buy any branded make-up item below 300 INR. And whenever I buy some makeup items I want to use it in multiple ways. I am sure all of you think that as well. Also, we don’t need a lot of products to get the complete look. I myself had made a post long ago on How to do make-up with only 5 products (Read Here) This post is really helpful for those who want to maximise the product utility. And this post too is all about this topic. How to make a concealer with products present in your vanity. So without stretching the introduction any longer, lets get into the manufacture ( I’m sounding like the owner of a cosmetic brand ๐Ÿ™‚ )

If you still want to buy a good concealer here is a great option

Maybelline Fit Me concealer ( Review Here )

What is a concealer:

Concealer is a make-up item used to hide or conceal the imperfections in the skin.



  1. Liquid concealer : For all skin types
  2. Cream concealer: For dry skin
  3. Stick concealer: For oily skin

Today we will make a cream based concealer ๐Ÿ™‚

Ingredients you need:

  1. Any foundation – You can choose a tone lighter than your skin tone or even your skin tone.
  2. Compact powder or loose powder. If you’re using compact powder, scrape it a bit and make a dust.
  3. Moisturiser

What I am using:

  1. Foundation : Lakme Perfect Radiance foundation Marble (Read review Here)
  2. Compact: Faces Compact (Read review Here)
  3. Moisturiser: Patanjali Shea Butter Moisturiser (Read Review Here)

How to make Home made concealer:

Mix equal amount of Compact powder, Liquid foundation and moisturiser and stir well.

Yes it is this simple ๐Ÿ™‚


You can store it for 1 year as the products used here contain preservatives that will help preserving this too.


You will get a mixed fragrance of your foundation and moisturising cream and so it will be not a headache.

Consistency and texture:

The texure will be really smooth if we mix it properly.

Consistency will be on the thicker side as we don’t want it to drip down.


Totally dependent upon the foundation and powder.

Procedure of application:

Take the required amount of concealer on the finger tips and dab on the areas like dark spots, dark circles and acne marks.


This concealer is used to treat

  • under eye dark circle
  • acne marks
  • dark spots
  • blemishes

But you can also check out this article to get concealer to hide blemishes.

So this is it. I hope this simple recipe will be useful for all of you and surely you will try it. It is simple yet effective and saves a lot of money. I personally love it to the core and so I will request everyone to try it once.

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  • Amazing Article. I was never imagine tha twe can also make your own CONCEALER at home. I will Definitely try this.

  • yeah! we can. I tried it myself. I won’t say it will give a market concealer-like coverage but yes this can be your life saver when you need it and you don’t have it ๐Ÿ™‚