The Makeup Trends From Fashion Week that are Trending Right Now

We all have witnessed New York Fashion Week that has ended on 14th September 2017. There are many things that are marked up by this fashion Carnival. This time also, NYFW delivers some proficient and remarkable makeup trends that will leave you to be the shining personality.

This year as well, New York Fashion Week had some sensational moments while placing the individuality above decreed, fast trends, inspired models blossoms with more diversity than ever, that means women of all the age, sizes and backgrounds. Social Media Sensation Jordyn Woods took her first walk at New York Fashion Week in Chromat and how can we forget that mesmerizing moment when a pregnant model bares the baby bump body positively. This moment is named as “The Memorable Mother-To-Be At Eckhaus Latta”.

With such amazing moments, New York Fashion Week, once again, leave its mark with some awesome hair and makeup trends.

In this post, I am going to discuss, four of them. Four trends that are not only trending from the New York fashion week but also from the fashion weeks before that.

Let’s get started and see those makeup trends that are trending right now,

Extremely Long Hairs

I know that you might think it as whether growing hairs is not a makeup skill. But when I mentioned this point, I know it from the heart that growing hair needs too much care so, there is a makeup skill in that. With NYFW ended on 9/14, things start trending as we speak right now. Long hairs are one of them and at the end of 2017, this trend will be at its extreme.


At the end of the fashion week, hip length hair and “beach bound Rapunzels” Nicki Minaj brought knee-reaching trend in the front row. So, this will be showcased sooner or later again with much more insights to happen.

The Dramatic Eyeliner

Believe it or not, individuality rules when it comes to dramatic eyeliners. The eye-level statements took a customizable turn when glittering wings, “Fingerprint” smudges and onyx-edged pops of pastel. Prominent makeup artist Diane Kendal in Marc Jacobs took the personalization one step ahead with sketching 60s cat eye on the models. That looks stunning, to be frank. I am quite positive and will not be surprised by looking if cat eyes return to the makeup fold again.

 Pink Time Is Back

Millennial Pink is always welcome but this year’s fashion week brought back the unprecedented brushing with the pinkish hue. Stella Lucia the model made a splash when she traded her hairs for a “rose quartz” dye job which was melded from Lavender and petal pink for the crystalline shade.



Another Model painted off-kilter hue at Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s show. Also, Brock Collection introduced the new romantic with unexpected rimming of blush-toned shadow on lids.

I will not be surprised to see pinkish hue sparkling across the street as it is the time that the pink must be back and in style.

Game Changing Dark Lips

This happens in the last year NYFW when dark lips actually impacted all the fashion trends. “That Season was all about the dark lips”. This was declared by one of the famous makeup artist Pat McGrath, who initiated black lipstick early on at Fenty x Puma. After that incident, it was clear that the remaining month of the fashion week the dark lipsticks are way too much better than everything else.

Now the scenario is like if the makeup artist doesn’t get the dark lips that seem a bit off-beat. It is not the case that artist only uses black lipstick. There are cases where the makeup artist seems to take advantage of other dark textures such as Bordeaux, prune, burgundy, or plum, painted on perfectly and sometimes coated with a heavy gloss. In this year’s NYFW, makeup artist reintroduced the blood red texture on the lips of the models.

Winding It Up

So, these are the four trends that are quite popular from the Fashion Week whether held in Milan or New York or London. Fashion Week has its own impact and that will be seen in the coming time.

I hope that you like my post. Please do share it. Also, for all you makeup enthusiast, if you also have followed the NYFW, then share your observations and experience in the comments. I will be delighted. Till then, have a good one.

Author Bio:

Sasha Parker, works as Makeup Tutor and Blogger at “The School Of Make-up” which offers Make Up Classes In Singapore. She has been blogging for several years about the makeup trends and tips. She is a voracious follower of fashion week and loves to share all about it.