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10 Ways Mint Leaves Can Benefit Your Skin

Mint is an herb with wrinkled oval leaves which have white hairs beneath. It has got strong distinguishable smell and taste which is attributable for most of its therapeutic properties.

This blooms particularly in summer and should be plucked and stored in dry and dark places. It has various benefits and can be used as a medicine for both internal consumption and outer healing, such as in the form of face masks or to fight against insect bites. Before enjoy mint leaves’ benefits, let’s get to know them and some cautions when using first.

Mint helps Improve Digestion



Mint helps protect and unswollen the liver to help it work properly. Take a glass full of water and keep it to boil with added mint leaves. Strain the liquid and add some honey to it. Drink the solution to get immediate relief.

It is also helpful in treating cirrhosis. Just take a spoonful of dried mint leaves and add them to a cup of water. Take three glasses of this mixture every day until you are relieved completely

Also, it has properties which help prevent excessive intestinal gas from forming. Take one spoonful of dried herbs in a cup of water daily in the morning until you are completely relieved.

Mint helps Control Bad Breath


People suffering from bad breath can take a cup of water with a spoonful of dried herbs added to it. It also helps cut the smell of certain foods like onion and garlic and hence also used in the form of a mouth freshener after having food to cut down the bad breath.

Mint is Effective in Treating Depression


Mint is useful in calming down the heart palpitations. Add few drops of its essence to a cup of hot water and have it to treat disease like insomnia and depressions.

Mint Relieves Sore Throat


Add half a teaspoon of dried herb to a glass of Lukewarm water and keep it aside for a while. Then gargle with this mixture to relieve from a sore throat. In case you are suffering from bronchitis or a cough then you should drink a couple of glasses of dried herb mixture until it is treated completely.

Helps Relieve from High Fever


Mint is very rich in menthol. Menthol is a component with properties which enhances production of sweat and relieves congestion of respiratory channels. Hence is helpful in increasing perspiration and makes the fever go down. Also, helps to relieve cold and flu. It also helps relax one from body ache. Drink a glass of hot water with few drops of essence of this herb to relax your body ache.

Helps in Treating Insect Bites


Mint with its minty sensation can help you get relieved from insect bites, and stings in few seconds. Just apply the dried herbs in the affected area and rub it a gently to treat the itchiness and redness caused due to insect bites.

Treat Pyorrhea


Pyorrhea is often caused due to bad and unhealthy habits of not cleaning your teeth and gums regularly. Mint has got medicinal values which help to treat this disease and keep your teeth healthy and mouth smelling good. Just regularly mouthwash with dry leaves solution can help cure Pyorrhea.

Helps get Rid of Lice    


Regularly wash your hairs with water concentrated with mint leaves can help you get rid of lice. It also relieves the scalp from itching caused due to lice as an immediate effect. Mint is also considered as a conditioner for hairs and is used in a variety of shampoos to treat dandruff and keep your scalp cold in hot and humid weather.

Mint helps Improve Skin


Mint is being used as an ingredient in many skin related products these days. It is due to its minty sensation and as a purifying agent. This makes an appropriate ingredient for a face wash for oily skin.

Caution in using Mint


Mint, when used in the recommended dosage, can help you treat many fallacies. However, an increased dosage of it can be fatal. Especially mint oil or mint essence should be taken and applied in small quantities. The strong smell of mint can choke a person from breathing normally. Especially when you are using it on babies, you must be aware of this fact.

It can also cause extremely low blood pressure in young children which can lead to cardiac arrest in them. It must always be used under medical supervision for children who are less than ten years in age.

In case essential oil is used internally, it may cause cramps due to its high concentration. You must always dilute it with other carrier oils before applying it. One must do a patch test for review allergic reactions before using it completely.

Mint, the magical leaves, has proved to be very effective when it comes to home remedies. To get them readily available for whenever you need, let spend a small space in your kitchen for growing safe organic mint plants. You can find help from this guidance here if you’re in need.