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Finest Monsoon Skin Products to Help Your Skin this Monsoon Season

With the hot and dry summer weather making way for the wet and humid monsoon weather, you will be required to make changes in your life for a smooth transition. You will need to make changes in the clothes you wear, your home interior and the beddings in your home. However, those are not the only the aspects of your life that you have to adjust. You will need to adjust your skin care regimen as well. The humid nature of the environment presents a lot of skin care challenges such as breakouts, eczema and skin rashes that will be escalated further should you use the wrong skin products. This piece will help you find great skin products for your skin for the humid and wet monsoon weather.


Just because it is wet and cloudy outside, doesn’t mean that you should overlook sunscreen. Sun rays are still present in the gloomy weather and you will be exposing your skin to the harmful effects of UV rays. This will result in damaged skin and this opens up your skin to germs and bacteria. You should, therefore, apply sunscreen when heading out. Opt for a sunscreen with an SFP value of more than 30 for the best protection against harmful UV rays.


Cleansers should be your best friend during the wet monsoon times. This is because the wet monsoon weather brings with it infections and other skin ailments. A cleanser is, therefore, what you need to keep your keep your skin clean and fresh. Humid conditions are ideal for bacteria multiplication since with all the heat and moisture present, your skin bears all the brunt when you don’t cleanse appropriately. For your cleanser, opt for a mild and soap-free one that is soft and gentle on your skin. Cleanse regularly to remove dirt and grime from your skin and to prevent the spread of germs.


The wet and humid nature in the environment is also responsible for skin dryness. Without a moisturizer, you could end up with dry and flaky skin that is prone to infections and other skin ailments and this makes a moisturizer one of the finest skin care product that you should acquire for your monsoon skin care regime. Scrutinize the ingredients in your moisturizer so as to ensure that you are getting the best product for your skin. You should be on the lookout for herbal elements that are full of moisturizing benefits such as dates and honey extracts. Pick a moisturizer that is ideal for your specific skin type for the best results.


This is another makeup element that you should incorporate into your monsoon skin care regime. This is because you will have to tone your skin regularly to mitigate the effects of the humid environment. You should opt for a non-alcoholic toner that will even out the pH level of your skin. Toners will also give your skin a warm natural glow that defies the cold and wetness outside.


You will need a serum to get your skin to properly absorb the moisturizer that you apply on it. Since moisturizers are very important in the humid atmosphere, owning a serum so as to make sure that your moisturizer settles in properly is very essential. Before you apply any serum on your face, wash your face thoroughly with soap and water for the best results.

Waterproof makeup.

Heavy showers will be apparent during this time and your makeup could easily be damaged in the rain. You should, therefore, strive to wear waterproof makeup that will survive the rain and get you looking good for the entire day. Insist on waterproof mascara and eyeliner so as to avoid dark teary marks on your face should you get rained on. If you can’t get your hands on waterproof makeup, their mineral based alternatives will do. Mineral based makeup items such as mineral foundation have a longer staying power and this makes them ideal for the wet outdoor weather.



With all the challenges that the humid weather brings with it, the products on this piece will equip you with the necessary tools to face the monsoon.