Nivea Original Cold Cream Review (100% Honest)

Hi everyone, I am back with another review. Well winters are here and no winters can really be complete without a cold cream review right? It is already quite stretchy out here and I am being a dry skin person is feeling the heat (umm! cold). Last week when I went for my beauty shopping I picked up a few things that are all essential for winters and one among them is The Nivea Original Cold Cream. Yes! the original blue heavy cream from Nivea. I feel most Indians are familiar with this cream as it is such a popular cream in the Indian drugstore market. Nivea is a Germany based skincare brand that manufactures Dermatologically tested products that are compatible for all skin types. It has also another version, Nivea Soft meant for people with Oily skin and all year round for dry skin. Though I have used that one too, I feel that is too light for me in winters and so I opted for this one. So without much further delay let us straight jump into the review and let me share my side of the story regarding this cream that is ruling the Indian cold cream market for ages.

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Nivea original cold cream

What Nivea Original Cold cream claims:

Nivea Original Cold cream is the original moisturiser for the whole family. Nivea cream with Skin Caring Eucerit makes your skin pure, soft and smooth. Use Nivea Cream everyday for healthy skin. Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.

How to use Nivea Original Cold Cream:

Clean you face and apply Nivea Original Cold Cream in winters. Use twice a day specially at night. Massage gently.

Nivea original cold cream


240 INR for 200 ml

Shell life:

30 months


Please refer below.

A few pointers please note:

  • Contains Paraffin
  • Contains Alcohol
  • No parabens mentioned
  • No natural ingredients only chemicals

Nivea original cold cream


Nivea Original Cold Cream comes in a Deep Blue tub packaging that is really simple and sturdy to look at. The ingredients and other details are mentioned at the back. The cream is further protected by a second layer that shouldn’t be removed as that prevents the direct contact of air with the cream. The tub packaging enables the user to use till the last drop while it again prevents utmost hygiene. Every size of Nivea cream comes in a tub packaging. While the smaller versions come in a tin like packaging this big tub is made of plastic. Overall for me it is a decent packaging that serves the need without much of a hype.

Nivea original cold cream

My take on Nivea Original Cold Cream:

Nivea Original Cold Cream is an age old cream which I myself am using since my teenage years. Though it is a Germany based brand, it has been accepted by the masses as their holy grail in winters. The cream is white in a colour with a very thick consistency. The texture though is smooth is sometimes really waxy and doesn’t blend easily. It stays fixed at one place and doesn’t seem to move a bit. The smell is quite strong and I feel the smell has changed over the years. Previously this cream used to be so smooth and soft but now it feels as if it has a lot of wax in it. The formulation has changed for sure and I really can’t make out whether it is for the good or bad. Sometimes it feels so good to apply as it hydrates and moisturises my skin to the core but on the other hand it makes my skin patchy and darker than my original skin tone. It takes time to absorb and so I really can’t opt for it in daytime. For the night I am sorted with this cream.

I generally apply Khadi Orange and Lemongrass face wash and Khadi Rose water after which I apply this cream. During day time I mix my Patanjali Moisturising Cream with Shea Butter with Garnier BB Cream and apply.

This Nivea Cream has visibly reduced my dry patches, it has worked on my dry cheek area and has given it a smoother and softer feeling. But somehow I feel the previous formulation was better, at least for me.

This time I am half satisfied. I don’t like the waxy feeling or the smell. But I like the moisturisation it provides me. It doesn’t claim to do anything extra and so by that argument fulfils its claims too. So on the whole it is a decent cream that can be used in winters.

Also I forgot to mention, if you have very oily acne prone skin you should skip this and try the Nivea Soft version. This is strictly for Normal-Very Dry skin. 🙂

Nivea original cold cream


  • Very moisturising for dry skin
  • Widely available
  • Affordable
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No paraben mentioned


  • Waxy texture
  • Doesn’t blend well
  • No natural ingredients
  • Contains alcohol
  • Contains Paraffin
  • Tub packaging
  • Smell not that good
  • No for oily skin
  • Makes skin darker
  • No SPF

Recommendation and repurchase:

Well I won’t re purchase it myself as the formulation has changed and I don’t like the new formula.

You can purchase it as it is decent cream just for moisturisation. If you are looking for something extra skip this one.


Nivea Original Cold Cream is an average skin cream for normal-very dry skin. It is affordable and widely available. This cream is not that good as it was some years back. I personally feel that there are a lot better options in the market. Now the choice is purely personal!



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