The Most Practical Things To Know Before Considering Eyelash Extensions

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Why should you consider semi-permanent lashes over the temporary strips? Basically, they are far different from their cheaper, temporary counterparts. You can apply each of the lashes at a time. However, you would preferably hire a professional to do it for you. An expert eye lash technician expert would use skin-friendly glue to set them over your real lashes. Once you apply them in the right way, they can remain intact for about 6 to 8 weeks, until the artificial eyelashes fall out like their true counterparts. However, there are certain things about them what very few people know about…



There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Solution


Once you decide to get eyelash extensions, you have to consider many more things. First of all, decide on the material of the product that you are going to buy. You can find it in various materials, such as silk, mink or artificial materials. Of course, mink products are somewhat on the pricier side. Yet, they are amazingly soft and appear extremely natural. However, there are various premier companies like Xtreme Lashesthat can offer you highly customizable synthetic products. They come for a very reasonable price, as well. Next, think about the density of the eyelashes. This helps you to give a fuller look. Next, think about the ‘curls’ of the eyelashes. The curlier your lashes are, the more dramatic look you can gift yourself. The length of the eyelashes is, however, a matter of individual choice.


Extensions And Eye Make Up


Going over the top with your makeup is no more up-to-the-minute. And with eyelash extensions, you won’t need to apply makeup on your eyes. Not only do they double up as quality mascara, but the base of an extension can also create a superb illusion of eyeliner. Whether you wear them as a part of your day makeup, or use them on your D-day, your extensions are going to be a big hit. You can be selfie-ready round the clock even when you are on the road, and look stellar even after you have just jumped out of the bed.


Does It Cause Damage?


A technician would direct that these semi-permanent extensions do not harm your eyes unless you forcibly tug them to remove. However, in reality, it is not yet confirmed whether frequent application of these products can actually bring in some permanent or severe damage in the long term. If you resort to the online forums, then you might find a few users complaining of having traction alopecia after its usage. This means, they might have suffered falling out of natural eyelashes due to the constant weight of the artificial extensions. Also, reputable dealers like Xtreme Lashes put more emphasis on the material of glue that the technicians use to set them.


Up keeping the Extensions


You would ideally use a mild soap, or baby wash to keep the extensions clean. Also, if you feel like applying eyeliners or any other type of eye makeup, then make sure that you use a gel-based product. This will help in the hassle free removal of makeup.

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