Quit Drinking!

Alcohol consumption harms women earlier than men so quit drinking

Worried about…Your way of drinking? The impacts of drinking. Or simply want to have more information? Read this text! It is not being sexist to affirm a truth that little we like to hear: alcohol affects women differently than men. In fact, it affects us more. It is not a merely cultural issue, but the composition of our organism. We will tell you why to quit drinking?

What can women expect?
Women can expect much more deterioration caused by alcohol than men at equivalent levels of consumption. If you drink four beers and he too, maybe you can not only get drunk a lot faster. A woman will achieve consistently higher blood ethanol levels than men after a similar dose, regardless of body weight. Your three glasses of vodka will never be the same as the ones he drinks. This happens mainly because we have less water in our bodies than boys, so the distribution of ethanol is significantly lower than in men.

The impacts of alcohol on women
The alcohol- a drug is any substance that when introduced to the body, produces a change in its functioning. All medicines, tobacco, coffee and of course alcohol, have this characteristic and therefore they are drugs. Alcohol is also a substance capable of producing addiction or dependence, that is, alcoholism.

What alcohol does to women?
Alcohol depresses brain activity and affects our behavior. As in the case of other drugs, their effects depend on many things: body weight, height, the speed of drinking, the presence of food in the stomach, etc. In general, women are shorter than men and have less water in the body, which causes alcohol to circulate in the blood more concentrated. Therefore, almost always when a man and a woman drink the same amount of alcohol, the effects are greater in this one so you must quit drinking?

• Women are more likely to get drunk than men by drinking the same amount of alcohol.
• Women are more likely to suffer liver damage as a result of excessive drinking.
Why quit drinking? Do you know let us see why?
Why quit drinking?
Your body is affected more by alcohol and we have explained why. Now, we will go into detail about the dangers that you suffer when consuming alcoholic beverages in excess and frequently. You must quit drinking in order to prevent our self from the dangers of drinking!
1. Greater dependence risk:

A new study showed that drinking constantly has more adverse physical consequences on women, or at least, they appear faster and stronger. Higher concentrations of ethanol in the blood can increase the risk of dependence first in women than in men. Thus, if you consider that 8 drinks on each occasion is an average of “excessive consumption” that can lead to alcoholism in men. But in women, only 5 drinks for each occasion are assumed to be risky. Also in girls, the physiological changes that lead to alcohol dependence – including liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis – occur faster than in boys. Women quit drinking!
2. Reproductive problems

The spirit is for both sexes a common cause of infertility, but a study found that even small amounts of alcohol can affect a woman’s fertility. On the other hand, some women find that they are more affected by alcohol while they ovulate or when they are premenstrual.
3. Alcohol and pregnancy: zero incompatibility!

As for the issue of pregnancy and alcohol, there are many scientific pieces of evidence to keep them away. Even, the global scientific recommendations suggest to the women who try to conceive to minimize the consumption of alcohol. If you are already pregnant, there is no amount that is not considered “safe” to take, nor a time of pregnancy in which it is less risky. For heavy drinking and dependent women, the risks of alcohol consumption in the development of the fetus are well documented and recognized. The heavy drinking during pregnancy may lead to a spontaneous abortion or range of disabilities known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
In fact, a syndrome of fetal alcoholism has been described, in which the fetus has growth retardation, facial alterations and damage to the structure of its nervous system. This can lead to psychological or behavioral problems at birth and physical symptoms, such as an abnormally small head, defective development of midfacial tissues, abnormalities of the outer ear and various types of malformation.
4. Alcohol and breast cancer

Studies began to indicate a correlation between alcohol consumption and breast cancer since the mid-1990s. Not only excessive usage of alcohol in women causes’ breast cancer by a diminutive amount of liquor does too. The debate is still open, but what is known is that alcohol causes inflammatory changes in the body of women that could potentially lead to breast cancer.
5. Alcohol: Enemy of your brain

Alcoholic women have a greater cognitive deficit. In addition, studies have shown that alcohol reduces faster the production of neurotransmitters that control the mood and pain sensation in men than in women. Thus you must quit drinking?