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The Smartest and Quickest Way to Achieve the “No Makeup Look”

Hi, beauties!

Admit it. The polished makeup look is the “no makeup look.”

It is always appropriate as was evident in the recent awards season. Everybody from Saoirse Ronan to Margot Robbie and Allison Williams looked like they barely had makeup on, but they all earned raves for their looks.

However, a lot of makeup gurus have made achieving this reliable look a tad too complicated. For most of them, the rule of thumb is “more is more.”

True makeup professionals (meaning those who are not paid to promote products and review products), on the other hand, stand by the opposite rule, which is “less is more.”

Using way fewer products for the natural look actually works whether you have perfect or problematic skin. The key is to know the smart way to use these products.

So, if you are all about the “your natural features but better” look, here is the makeup process to follow:

1. Use a primer

Find a primer that you know works for your unique skin type. Apply it by bouncing a sponge all over your face. Let the primer dry for several seconds. This application method ensures an even spread.

2. Use two colours of liquid foundation

A liquid foundation that offers full coverage is the best to use. A little goes a long way in evening out your skin tone and concealing blemishes and other imperfections.

Always start off with a small amount of your true match foundation. Most of the time, you will find that half a pea size is good enough for your entire face. Dab it across your face with a damp makeup sponge until it completely sheers out toward the outer perimeter.

For that outer perimeter (including the neck), use a darker foundation. Apply it using the same sponge and dabbing motion. Also, apply it lightly on any reddish spots that still manage to peep through the true match foundation.

This foundation application method creates the perfect base. It brings the centre of the face forward — restoring your face’s original dimension so there is no need for contouring — and it achieves a flawless finish.

3. Put concealer down the centre of the face and around the eyes

This is an easy way to highlight the skin. But, unlike with other concealer application techniques, just use a few dots of concealer – do not pack it on. There’s nothing more unnatural than thick concealer because it can easily settle into creases and make the skin look old.

Also, after spreading the concealer with a sponge, use your ring finger to further blend. The warmth from your finger can do better at working the product into your skin and achieving a skin-like natural finish.

If you have good skin, you can jump to this step after primer application.

4. Set with powder

Use a fan brush to lightly apply a small amount of powder under the eyes and the T-zone. This is an important step for setting the concealer and reducing the dewiness of the foundation.

5. Tackle the brows

Use whatever brow product you have. But, what you need to do for natural looking brows is just to fill in the sparse areas of your natural brows. Do not over-sculpt them or else they will look out of place in your “no makeup” look.

6. Use champagne eyeshadow

This is one of those makeup artists tips that will definitely not let you down. Champagne eyeshadow will make your eyes pretty without looking “done,” and it will set off your lashes beautifully.

7. Curl your lashes and use a voluminous mascara

Champagne eye shadow and long, curled dark lashes can make your eyes look “va va voom” (as what the French like to say) yet natural. No need to tight line when you apply your mascara right.

8. Dab pink blush on your cheeks

Do not sweep blush across your cheeks, just dab with a brush or with your fingers for a light application.

Important trick – do not smile. Smiling alters the placement of the blush when you rest your face. You want the blush to be where it needs to be when your face has a neutral expression.

9. Highlight

Apply a bit of the champagne eye shadow on the cupid’s bow, cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of the nose and chin. Let the champagne highlight add more dimension to your face.

10. Apply nude lipstick

Take the French approach to this by applying a light layer of lipstick on your puckers, smacking your lips, and then using your middle finger to spread the product evenly.

Look naturally pretty and fresh

This may still seem like a lot of steps but given how few the products are, you will be done applying your makeup in no time. The difference with this process is you can be sure that you will look pretty and fresh throughout the day.

Remember, great-looking makeup, no matter how simple, can be achieved with the right makeup techniques. If you want to be good at it, learn.

Enrol in a makeup course to secure for yourself the right skills for confidently beautiful makeup application each and every time.





Toni Malt is the Middle East’s leading international editorial makeup artist and the woman behind the highly anticipated Toni Malt Makeup Academy in the heart of Dubai, now training the next generation of key makeup artists. From minimalist looks to freestyle artistic creations, Toni’s creative work has been published in top international fashion magazines around the world including VOGUE, ELLE, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s BAZAAR, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.