Starting Your Own Fitness Blog?

Hi peeps!

There are many blogs and guides out there that can teach you how to start up your own fitness blog. Conducting a Google search pulls up 428 MILLION results! That is a lot of How-To’s! Many of these blogs can teach you about computer coding, designing your website, hosting your site, and a number of other topics. This is not one of them. Instead, we are going to discuss the reasons WHY you should write your own fitness blog.

There can be many benefits to writing about your fitness experiences. Some could be physical but others could be more of a mental reward. Both are needed for a truly healthy body and a truly healthy you, so take the time to sit down after a workout and blog about what you have done to stay fit.

Online Training
Share what you have done. Whether it is a workout, foods for eating healthy, or places you have exercised at, tell others about it. Turn yourself into an online trainer. The more you write, the more readers you will gain. Some will discover your blog through family or friends, others through online searches; some will discover it by accident, but that is okay. If you have an appealing look to your website with well-written content and plenty of fitness images to emphasize that content, then you could potentially start someone off on their journey towards physical (or mental) fitness. Remember, not everyone starts out with the knowledge or drive to become fit; some need a push in the right direction. Be there for them when they do start down their paths to fitness.

Online Trained
So you are journaling your exercise routines or the best places to do them; you are writing about ways to relax your mind or workouts you can do in the office while you are at work. Do you know everything there is about these subjects? Doubtful; no single person knows everything. Not only that, but new types of workouts are being developed all of the time; new information about which foods are healthy are released almost daily. It is impossible to keep track of it all. You may find that what you knew ten years ago no longer applies to today’s fitness world. That is where your blog could come into play.

By making your blog interactive allowing readers to leave comments or hold discussions in forums, you can pick up a thing or two. Your audience will gladly share their own experiences and knowledge with you, helping you to stay up to date on the ever-changing world of health and fitness. Through your blog, you will be trained as much as you would be the trainer.

Goal Tracking
Keeping up with a blog will also help you in your pursuit of your fitness goals. Through your posts, you will be able to track your progress in each of those goals.

Categorize your blogs, create a chart tracker; both of these will not only visualize where you are compared to where you started out from, but they will also show your readers where you are at in your progress.

If there is a bad day or a rough week, and you did not get as far as you expected, write about it. Let others know that one slip up or hitting a bumpy road in their journey is okay. No one is perfect. Let them know that; as long as they (and you) are staying the course and not allowing that single occurence to sway they from their path to fitness, a hiccup is just a hiccup. This will be returned in fold. If you personally experience one of these hiccups and you get disheartened, your readers will make sure you stick to it. Their appreciation will hold you accountable; their dedication to you will push you to succeed. There are times in everybody’s life where we become discouraged and fall off the wagon; we need someone there to pick us up and force us back onto the path. Through your blog, you will have dozens, hundreds, potentially thousands of someones there to encourage you.


With these dozens, hundreds, potentially thousands of people reading your blog, you could potentially capitalize on that readership. The more people visiting your fitness site, the more opportunity you have to make money. Advertisers want to reach the biggest audience they can. If your blogging about fitness reaches a large enough audience, these advertisers will want to post links and ads on your site. Through these advertisements, you could earn money.

Sometimes this could be click-based, where you earn a specific amount for each click of an ad on your site, or the advertisers could pay you for a predetermined amount of time to keep their ad on your blog. These could be in the advertisements you usually see on the side bars or the banners at the tops of websites (advertisers pay more for this prime location). There are some bloggers out there who have quit their full-time jobs and have switched to writing on their blogs full-time. The have done this by expanding their readership and earn income from advertisers willing to pay for space on their sites. If this is your goal, then know that it is possible through your own fitness blog.

Peace of Mind
If writing is something you enjoy, then combine that with your fitness regimen. As briefly mentioned above, there are mental rewards to writing; not just writing, but writing about something you know, something you are passionate about. Whereas staying in shape and eating right is good for the body, maintaining your own blog could be good for the mind. Shut out the outside world and sit down to put your words, your thoughts on the Internet. For a short time, the stresses of the world will disappear as your message begins to take shape on the screen. Sharing your fitness experiences could be just the cool down you need from a workout.