Summer Skin Care Tips to Look Great on a Date

Hi peeps!

Summer is a perfect time for dating, and of course you want to look stunning on your date with your crush. You probably heard that brides from Russia are hot on the dating market. A lot of western girls get nervous about that and can’t figure out why. But when you open a dating site that offers Russian dating you can clearly understand that those women look stunning. But it is quite easy to look stunning online. Things get much harder when it comes to look stunning on the offline date.

Most likely you are going on the date with someone whom you’ve found online. Definitely, like those Russian girls, you look stunning on your pictures from your profile on the dating service. You don’t want to disappoint your crush by not looking perfect on your first offline date. But it is extremely difficult to do that in summer. In winter you can easily hide all of your flaws with clothes, but we generally wear less clothes in summer. You skin needs to look perfect and it gets the most damages in hot seasons.

Damaged skin is a pain in the ass on your summer date. Aside from the fact that you can disappoint your date-mate, you can’t fully concentrate on the date per se, as you are constantly thinking about your damaged skin. So, in order to help you, we’ve collected the best summer skin care tips for you to look great on a date. And we offer you to check them out without any further ado.

Take a Cool Shower

We all like hot showers, even in hot summer, as they can easily trick your body into thinking that it’s not so hot outside. But in a hot shower in hot summer is the worst thing that you can do to your skin. Your skin is already dry thanks to the heat and the sun. A hot shower after sun exposure only dries the skin further. Turning down the heat would give you a lot of benefits. Another problem with summer heat is excess sweating, and a cool shower after that helps keeping the skin clean and decreases the risks of acne breakouts. Yep, everything is that simple – you just need to take cool showers in summer.

Eat Melons

Yep, mainly when you think about fruits, you start thinking about the problems that they may cause your skin, but things are a bit different when it comes to summer and when it comes to melons. Melon is your fruit of choice is you want to keep your skin beautiful in summer. Those sweet fruits are rich in antioxidants and they deliver a unique hydration to your skin, which is extremely important in summer. Eating melons would keep your skin hydrated and give you a radiant complexion.

Protect Your Head

Yep, you can wear hats or you may feel no need in wearing hats, as you have long hair. Yes, long hair does provide you with some shade from the sun, but don’t forget that the sensitive skin along your hairline can still get burned. You may think about some creams, but your skin can still get burned. That’s why you should use sunscreen spray in summer. The best variant is using mineral sunscreen sprays, as they are generally zinc-based and dry on all skin tones.