Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth Conditioner Review

Hello guys, how are you doing? This is a review post in which I will review a conditioner. Conditioners are very important in our hair care regime as they make our hair tangle free and thereby less prone to breakage. Also it provides softness and smoothness to the hair follicles and make them shiny and healthy. Though a lot of people consider conditioners to be an unnecessary expense in terms of hair care products, it is one of my most essential needs. I have used a number of conditioners from the market but very few have made it to my favourite list. When I went for hair care shopping this time, I picked up The Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth Conditioner as it was winter season and my hair was as dry as the Sahara Desert. Now when I have used it for more than a month I feel this is the perfect time to pen down my thoughts on this product 🙂 So without further rambling, let us just jump into the detailed review.

sunsilk nourishing soft and smooth conditioner

 What Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth Conditioner claims:

Sunsilk and world class hair expert Thomas Taw have co-created Sunsilk nourishing soft and smooth conditioner. Infused with a unique blend of 5 natural oils, they deeply nourish the hair without making it look greasy or limp.

How to apply Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth Conditioner:

  1. Apply on the lower part of the hair. Don’t apply on scalp.
  2. Leave it for 1 minute
  3. Rinse off

sunsilk nourishing soft and smooth conditioner


80 ml

Shell life:

36 months


The main oils present are

  1. Argan oil
  2. Babassu oil
  3. Camellia oil
  4. Almond oil
  5. Coconut oil

For full ingredients list please refer below

sunsilk nourishing soft and smooth conditioner


Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth conditioner comes in a bright yellow tube packaging which is quite sturdy. It is protected by a flip top cap which is very tight. Even your nail can break if you try hard :p The packaging is really travel-friendly and sleek. It can fit into your hair care regime very easily if you take it with you. All the details including a detailed ingredient list are mentioned at the back which makes it all the more user-friendly. The name of the 5 oils that are blended together is written very clearly at the front. Overall the packaging is really beautiful and the bright yellow colour looks quite girly. Sunsilk is never disappointing when it comes to packaging and thsi time too it hasn’t disappointed. I love the effective as well as beautiful packaging of this conditioner.


sunsilk nourishing soft and smooth conditioner


Artificial and strong. But it has a sweetness to it for which it doesn’t give head ache.

Texture and Consistency:

Very smooth texture. Consistency is quite thick like any conditioner.


White in colour

sunsilk nourishing soft and smooth conditioner

What I feel about Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth conditioner:

Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and smooth conditioner is the latest addition to my hair care regime. Winter is the time when I really feel the need to apply a conditioner to my dry locks as it gets even drier. I generally stick to herbal products when it comes to hair care but I decided to try this one just randomly. And now after using this for about a month I can say that it is just an average conditioner.

There is nothing to rave about but it is not the worst product too. My hair and scalp both are dry and so any conditioner I feel is not moisturising enough. The same happened to me when I had used the Patanjali Protein Conditioner (Full Review Here). This conditioner is just like any other conditioner in the market as it makes hair soft only for some hours and after that it is rough and frizzy again.

For me I have seen better conditioners in the market. The price is not that low and given the price we can definitely find better options in the market.

This product is full of chemicals. Though parabens are not mentioned it has no good ingredients either. It definitely doesn’t nourish my hair as claimed but also doesn’t make my hair greasy and limp as promised.

Also the good part is that it hasn’t damaged my hair or made it even drier. It has kept it the way it was. No good No bad!


  1. Packaging is good
  2. Affordable
  3. Easily available
  4. Doesn’t make hair limp or greasy


  1. Full of chemicals
  2. Not a cruelty-free product
  3. Softens hair for some hours only
  4. Smell is artificial
  5. It performs average

Recommendation and repurchase:

No, frankly I don’t recommend this conditioner. It hasn’t done anything good and I really don’t find anything to either repurchase or recommend in this conditioner.


Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth conditioner is an average day to day conditioner that doesn’t do anything noteworthy. It just keeps hair soft for some hours and then returns to the original thing just after some time. I really am disappointed about this conditioner 🙁 but I will surely try other variants and let you guys know how I feel about them.


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