Things to Consider before Buying Men’s Body Lotion

Hello, gents! 🙂

Scott Can once said, “Men should have rough hands and be strong.” Well gone are those days when women used to fall for rough and tough guys. Trends have changed and so have women’s choices. These days, women prefer well-groomed, tall and handsome guys instead of the ones who have unkempt beard, rough and sweaty skin. So it is high time to change your daily routine and focus as much on your skin as much as your face, your physique and your beard. Along with the importance of using body lotions daily on different parts of your body, you also need to understand the significance of preferring men’s lotions over the general lotions available in the market, specifically the body lotions produced for women. They also serve the same purpose but the key ingredients differ largely according to the differences between male and female skin.

Key differences being:

  1. Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s skin: This emphasizes on the fact that your skin requires thick lotions which could penetrate deep down under the skin.
  2. Man’s skin texture is rougher than woman’s skin: Women have tender skin and so the products that are specifically designed for them are made keeping this in mind. As your skin is rougher, you require a complete different set of ingredients to keep it nourished.
  3. Men have higher collagen density than that of women: Collagen is responsible for the elasticity in the skin. Various body lotions for men are designed keeping this in mind.
  4. Men’s skin age slower than that of women’s skin: Because of the higher amount of collagen in the skin, men’s skin is said to be 15 years younger than that of a women’s skin.

Above stated differences prove that you should prefer using men’s body lotions to keep your skin healthy and moisturized all day long. Now, before you rush on to buy a body lotion, take care of the following things to buy the best body lotion suiting your skin’s needs:

  1. First of all, identify your skin type; is it dry, oily, normal or combination skin? As per the identification, you should choose the lotion designed for your skin type.
  2. Read the key ingredients stated on the body lotion bottle/tube carefully to avoid any unnecessary surprises like allergies and rashes. Most of the lotions contain Cocoa butter, Shea butter, tea tree oil, vitamin E content, etc. to help you with proper nourishment.
  3. Skin requirements change as per the weather conditions also. In winters, skin is on the drier side so it needs more nourishment and during summers, skin is more oily so it needs light weight body lotions.

Some body lotions also provide Sun screen protection to protect your skin from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the Sun. They have different Sun protection factor according to the duration they can protect your skin. Always prefer buying Sun screen body lotions during the Summer season to safeguard your skin from Sun burning and other damaging effects of the UV rays. For more information and general skincare tips, you can also visit Skincare Panda website.

Before buying any body lotion, do ensure that the product suits your skin type, doesn’t lead to any allergic reactions, and keeps your skin nourished for a longer time and adopt the habit of using it daily in your routine for healthier skin and a dazzling look.