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Top 10 affordable Cold Creams in India (Below 200 INR)

India experiences a very hot and humid summer and a chilling winter especially in North India. Winters though is my favourite season, it affects my skin the most. So I need to have a good moisturizer that can deal with this winter roughness and make my skin supple. So here I am listing my

Top 10 Affordable Cold Creams in India (Under 200 INR)

top 10 cold creams

1. Nivea Original Cold Cream/ Nivea Soft Cold Cream:

These two are my choices from the brand Nivea. We all have used Nivea and we all know how good and thick their Original Cold Cream is. It is perfect for dry skin. But oily skin people need not worry at all as Nivea has its Nivea Soft variant to cater to those people. It is less oily though nourishing enough. People, you can choose your option.

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Price: Nivea Original: 170 INR for 200 ml

Nivea Soft: 150 INR for 100 ml

nivea soft

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2. Himalaya Herbals Intensive Moisturizing Cream:

This one from the brand Himalaya has all natural goodness of wheat germ and almond oil. It makes your dry skin hydrated and soft even in rough winters. This can be the ayurvedic touch to the harsh winters.

But the presence of paraffin in a herbal brand makes it a big disappointment for me. On the whole it does its work well and so got listed here.

Price: 160 INR for 150 ml

himalaya moisturizing cream

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3. Ponds Cold Cream:

This is the all-time favourite of all generations. It needs no introduction or description as there is hardly a household in India that has not used this Ponds cold cream. Though it is a bit sticky and too much oily, we all love that Googly Wooghly Wush product.

Price: 135 INR for 100 ml

ponds cold cream

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4. Emami Malai Kesar Cold Cream:

Emami is a  brand which has establishes itself in all sectors. Their Malai-Kesar Cold Cream has double kesar to give double fairness. It has 5 action properties- moisturises, protects, revitalises, nourishes, gives fairness. Skin becomes velvety soft and visibly fair.

The product is very moisturizing and good as a winter cream but is too oily even for normal skin. But extremely dry skin people will love it. It is made for them only.

Price: 95 INR for 100 ml

malai kesar cold cream

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5. Dabur Gulabari Cold Cream:

Formulated with saffron, turmeric and rose extract, this cold cream claims to give rose-like radiance even in winters. It smooths dry and chapped areas of your body to give you a healthy looking winter skin.

This is a cold cream which oily and combination skin people can use. It is not too oily but it gives the perfect amount of nourishment.

Price: 125 INR for 100 ml

dabur gulabari

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6. Ayur Herbals Cold Cream:

When we say Old is Gold in terms of cold creams, Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera is the one that comes to my mind. I have seen my mother use it since childhood and it has given intensive nourishment to her extremely dry skin.

The packaging or the brand is not very fancy but it protects the skin which is important. It is mainly meant for dry skin as it becomes heavy when used a lot. I personally have seen it work and so I have places it here. And yeah! It is damn affordable.

Price: 180 INR for 500 ml !!

ayur cold crem

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7. Jovees Himalayan Cherry Cold Cream:

As the name suggest it is a cold cream with Himalayan Cherry in it. It also contains Aloe Vera and Wheat germ oil. Now coming straight to the point. This cream is strictly for those who have a skin like the Sahara Desert.

It is thick and sticky. And blending takes time. So those who are tired of using everything but still hasn’t found a perfect match, go ahead and give it a try.

Price: 165 INR for 60g


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8. Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer:

Now frankly speaking, I am personally not a fan of Lakme beauty products. They are good at makeup and thats it for me. So why I placed this thing here?

It is for all those people who have extremely oily skin. I mean like a oil mill. And you people just can’t afford using a cream even for winters. Not to worry! There is a lotion and it is the peach lotion by Lakme. It is light and blending is so easy. It wont get greasy just will give you the perfect protection.

Price: 220 INR for 120 ml ( I got it for 180 INR from )

lakme peach milk

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9. Patanjali Moisturiser with Shea Butter:

Well, as you all know I am big Patanjali fan and they have everything in their collection. Even a cold cream too. Though they have not tagged it as a cold cream still the greasy nature has forced me keep it in this category.

It is for all skin types and it has Shea Butter which is good for skin. It is herbal and absolutely my type.

Price: 75 INR for 50 gms

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10. Johnson&Johnson Baby Cream:

Yay! The product we all have used in our childhood and many of us still use it. It is the baby cream which we can use as a Cold Cream. It has two varieties

Johnson&johnson Milk Cream with Vit A and Vit E:

which has less oil in it and meant for all year use and the original version which can be used as a cold cream. It is meant for babies so has no side effects.

Price: 135 INR for 100 ml( for both)

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So that is it guys! This is my collection and my Top 10 Affordable Cold Creams in India below 200 INR. These creams are super affordable and are widely available in the Indian market. These are mainly for all skin types and are great for the upcoming winters. So go ahead and grab your choice among them.

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